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New Diary


New diary for 2010 :D

Started today as my new years resolution, so weighed in this morning at....12.9 :( christmas festivities :mad:)

So back on track today, hoping to lose 7lbs this January which shouldnt be too bad ( fingers crossed ) Also i'm eliminating alcohol from my diet/ life. :p Lets just say there were stairs involved and a broken nose :(

So anyway...

Breakfast: Grilled tomatoes and some sauce 0 pts though am counting as 1pt

Lunch: Crunchy nut clusters (i love them) and a cup of tea. I honestly dont know the points for these so im goin to be safe and say 10?pts

Dinner: Baked potato, beans and some cheese on top (reg cheese :eek:) so thats me for the day 10 :D

Snacks: Chomp bar 1pt

Total: 22 on the button :D

Deffo need to go shoppin tomorrow!
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Hi ash!!!!
I am starting my diet tomorrow, I have missed out on too many things cos I am ashamed of my weight! I piled it on while I was preggers, but my little 1 is 8mnths now, so I really should be losing! lol
Anyway just wanted to say Goodluck with your weightloss journey and Welldone for getting as far as you have!!!! 56lbs is AMAZING!!!!! Oh yeah and I am ADDICTED to crunchynut clusters too!!! I love, love, love them!!! It's such a shame they are so high in points. I measured out a serving the other day and it barely covered the bottom of the bowl! lol The size of bowl I eat would be at least 10/11points! Ha Ha!!!!
Fingers crossed for you!!!!
Well everyone has to start somewhere :D

I know i love them but they have major effect on weightloss..i managed to put on after a few bowls of them last year...going to try and steer clear from them!

Just a tip, at the start write everything down thats what helped me i think...as you dont forget any wee things :D

Good Luck :D
So today...

Breakfast: Strawberry Muller Rice 4

Lunch: One piece toast (white), some butter and tomato. 4

Dinner: So far 3 small pieces of garlic bread. And theres nothing else to eat- (due to my discovery that Dr Oetker Mozzarella are a whopping 17 points :eek:) 5

Really gettin annoyed at my lack of a car :mad:

So I still have another 9 points left....really have no clue as what to have :(
Lets not talk about yesterday...had a bit of a snack attack last night...making up today though

Breakfast: None...didnt get up until 12.45...woops lol

Lunch: Small Pasta with light sundried tomato sauce, Mullar light, 3 oranges 6.5

Dinner: Vegetabe stir fry cooked in olive oil, small bit of sweet chilli sauce guess...4?

Snacks:...more oranges 2 :D

Total: 12.5 Wooo!
So saved lot of points yesterday :D...Im in the opinion let less points...the less pounds so im not saving them or anything.

So today..

Breakfast: 2 slices of 50/50 no crusts... with flora extra light and a slice of ham. And a cuppa 2 sugars. 5 points

Lunch: Grilled chicken fillet, pita bread and salad. Some BBQ suace ontop. And a mullar light. So 7.5

Dinner: Same as last nite..smaller portion though, and no sauce. 2 points

Snacks: A biscuit in work. 3 water biscuits with flora xtra light. Havent a clue about this so...7?

Total: 21.5 :D
Ha...the water biscuits are from a big box of crackers from xmas..they seemed the best option of all!

So today weighed this morning...3 pound off WOOOO :D and during TOM...Im a happy bunny today!

So anyway..i awoke to a winter wonderland today surprising as we were forecast any snow...guess they got that wrong! Also no electric! :mad: and the electric board forgot to warn us it was gettin switched off...sooooo cold!

Breakfast: Ham sandwich...50/50 breads and some flora :( 3.5

Then the electricc returned yayy

Snack: Tea.. slice of bread and nutella 3

Lunch: Winter veg soup..half the carton(was very thick so watered it down a little) and bread for a dip. Muller light 5

Dinner: Grilled chicken fillet...teeth are really sore at the min so cant be bothered eatin in pain:rolleyes: 3

Total: 14.5
Hey Ash!
Welldone on your loss!!!!! That's great Hun!!!! I love nutella too, I bought a large jar today... I'll try and let my little boy eat it, but I may have to succumb to nutella on toast soon!!!

I've been havin Tesco's water biscuits and you get 3 for 0.5points!!!! So you've def over counted!
Hope your teeth are better soon!
Thanks i was quite surprised myself..i like to weigh regularly i like to see the numbers...keeps me motivated i think? :D

Ha nutella was bought for my brother...but he's not got his eyes on it yet but as soon as he does it shall be gone lol

Thanks Elkay and Cookie...im very pleased :D

So today...late day again..i love sleep!

Breakfast: One slice of toast with nutella 2.5 and a cuppa 1

Lunch: none

Dinner: Cauliflower dopiaza and pitta bread 6

Snack: Dairy milk 8

Total: 17.5
Hey nikki...umm i usually count 1 to 1.5 points for tea as im fussy with the sugar lol i can't drink tea with no sugar its just YUK! :D dont really count the milk as its so little quantity anyway :D

Friday went as follows...

Breakfast: 2 slices of Toast, with flora and aa cuppa...so 4?

Lunch: None :(

Dinner: Few slices of Pizza...was so worth it :D

So im counting full points for the day.

So today (saturday) is weigh in...today i was 12.5 and a quarter..last sat i was 12.9 and 3 quarters

Total weightloss =4.5 pounds :D:D:D
Hello...had a drinking sessions last night...bit worse for wear today...and in dire need of sleep...but im going to do it all over again tonightttt :D

So yesterday...

Breakfast: Toast and nutella..the usual..so 4

Lunch: nothing at all

Dinner: 4 water biscuits and flora on them...3 points

Drinks: bottle of wine 9 points and a tin of cider 3 points

Total: 19 points :D

And as i said i like to weigh regularly....weighed this morning..12 stone 2 and a quarter :D...who said alcohol is bad eh?

Yesterday went as follows

Breakfast: 2 toast with flora...4 points

Lunch: None

Dinner: Chicken Chop suey...really couldnt stomach it at all 5 points

Drinks: Oh god! Umm ALOT of vodka, Peach Schnaps and one smirnoff ice :(...so totally over points yesterday

But...there was alot of dancing..burn a little off? lol


Breakfast/Lunch: Rest of my Chinese ( it was at 2.30pm) :D so 6 points

Dinner: Half an egg and onion omlette...5 points.

Snacks: 3 Clementines 0.5

Total: 11.5
Welldone on the weightloss Ash!!!!!!
You are thrashing me (lol), it seems to be falling off you Hun! I can't believe how well you are doing! I'm well impressed! Do you get very hungry? Cos I noticed some days, you don't eat alot of food! Also what do you think about eating all your points? I've always tried to save a few, but i noticed there was a whole thread saying we should try and eat all of them!
Hey....Thanks!! With some people its different...i usually drop quick at the start then start to level off after a week or two so this is usual.

To be honest ive really lost my appetite the last few days...and adding the hangovers i really cant look at food in that condition lol but ill say last nite prob did a little damage due to the drinks i was drinking haha!

As for the points debate i eat as little as possible...science says 1lb = 3500 calories...therefore i eat 3500 calories less i loose a pound? lol

Thats only a superficial understanding but its worked for me so ill stick with it :D

Hectic day studying...bad times :(

Breakfast: None

Lunch: 2 packets of tayto head chips 3 points

Dinner: Few mouthfuls of a Taco chip. 10 points

Drinks: 4 tins of sugar free red bull 0

Snack: 2 toast and flora..4

Total: 17
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