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New Journey

Hopefully this will be the final time I have started a diet !! I went to my first group meeting on Wednesday, collected my food packs for the week and a met a new Buddy, which was a definate bonus x
I am now on day 4 and feeling pretty good. I still feel a little bit hungry, but thats most likely from habit of constantly picking and snacking in the past so is more in my head...this is what you do when you're sat watching tv, on computer etc etc etc. My answer is No, not anymore.
I wasn't too keen on the Chilli con carne pack, will give it another go next week with some tabasco.
I'm so looking forward to getting on those scales on Wednesday eve....didn't think I'd ever hear myself saying that ! :)
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hi carolinep , and a warm welcome to you! just wanted to wish you all the very best x


is Magdalicious
Welcome Caroline :) and good luck!
I look forward to seeing your progress.
Just noticed your location.
Do you go to Heather's group by any chance?

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Thanks for the welcomes xx
Mags, The group I've started going to is Catherine's in Watford



Tough But Sexy X
Hi & welcome.

I too used to dread the scales, I actually look forward to it now and noticed last week when I was going that I dont even treat myself afterwards like I did with other diets.

Good luck for your WI x
hi, welcome and good luck!! uv definately came to the right place for support and all the guys are fab when your looking for an excuse for anything!! lol. i love this forum... xx
TBSX I used to do that as well. Was thinking on thurs on my way to WI, I really got it into my head that I wanted a McDonalds. Started to persuade myself. Got stuck in traffic so I think that made it worse. But once I got weighed and had my meeting, I had to shoot off to hospital to see my grandad so just had a bar.
Hi Caroline, a big welcome!!

From the sounds of things you're doing really well. It is strange isn't it - looking forward to the scales. It somehow just doesn't feel right!


Tough But Sexy X
Hey Caroline, once the CBT sessions kick in they will teach you all you need to know about food triggers and crooked thinking etc. It all starts to fall into place, honeslty. Try to think of your treat as a non food item, so a new nail varnish or a face pack or whate ver it is you like to do other than the dreaded eat lol x

Have a good day you are almost through the week now. :) xx
Thankyou for all the warm welcomes, I usually end up putting a curse on a thread once I start posting ....but not anymore....far too much PMA about!!!!

Had a really good day today, haven't been feeling hungry at all which is a good sign..:). I feel that I have so much more energy than before, it's such an amazing feeling xx

Hope you are all doing well too xx


Tough But Sexy X
Thats great news, take it a day at a time, some even take it hour by hour whatever works for you.

I have more energy too, its such a great feeling, better than the bloated I cant move feeling I used to have and the sleepless nights because I had eaten so much it was stuck on my chest (sorry if thats tmi) xx
Another positive day, I have never felt like this before when being on a "diet". It's great not having to be fixated with food all the time as per previous diets I've tried and failed at. Always worrying about; what the next meal is going to be, if I've got enough healthy food in, oh just one won't hurt !!, obsessing with low fat food which is usually filled with sugars to make it taste nice. etc etc etc etc.

Weigh in tomorrow and I'm so looking forward to it.

Caroline xx


good luck for weigh in x
Oh My.....I am speechless for a change. This is my first week weigh in and I lost 8.5 lbs !! I'm on the road of my new journey to a new slimmer more balance less mood swingy me. YAY xx

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Wow, well done Caroline!! Brilliant loss girl! It's gonna be an exciting journey indeed, and you're already well on your way! :D

Welcome Caroline, I'm just starting wk 3 and am loving my progess so far, gud luck

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