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New Study type 2 and VLCDs


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Crikey, that makes fascinating reading. Also explains why folk on CD and LL do so well.

Tempted to try it anyone?


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I just want to copy and paste that article and send it to every doctor and dietician that suggests a jacket potato with baked beans is a good meal to have when you are diabetic, in fact ill just send it to the dietician that gave me that advice and then looked surprised when I told her it put my blood glucose up to 17.

There is lots of new evidence that supports what the Guadian article is saying, ive read tons of it, but still doctors/dieticans are dishing out the wrong advice, and for a newly diagnosed type 2 diabetic it just leads to a deeper feeling of confusion and helplessness over this condition.

I wonder what diet shakes they used? Im suspecting something very similar to the cambridge/exante type shakes, that are high in protein and sugar free.

Great article, thanks for posting.
When I saw my diabetes consultant (it varies every visit and I hadn't saw her before, she's pretty young so must be fresh out of uni) I told her a bowl of cereal for breakfast raises my sugar to 12 or more after 2 hrs (not to mention leaving me hungry lol) whereas bacon and eggs leaves it steady at around 7. Her reply was "Yes but the fat in the bacon and eggs will be deposited in the arteries. It's all about cals in and cals out." She advised me not to cut out any food groups when I said refined carbs leave me hungry and raise sugar levels.
I saw the dietitian yesterday and forgot to ask her about this - but I was told by 2 different people to not worry about counting carbs. That's its mainly for people on insulin. Yet it makes perfect sense to me to count them.
All I get told is eat healthily.

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