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New thread new diet

Just thought i'd make a refeed diary to help me along and keep me on track, I have a habit of thinking i've eaten more than I actually have and then give up, so heres hoping this helps. Will be back on Exante 100% if it doesn't.Feel free to post comments or suggestions. :D
Day 1 of re feed:-
11am Strawberry shake
1.30pm Boullion
4.30pm 1/2 chocolate shake
6.45pm 3 oz turkey, 1 portion of broccoli, cauliflower and courgette with a little boullion to make soup (yum!!) 1 apple
9pm 1/2 choc shake
3 cups of tea with ss milk

Feel a bit guilty/depressed eating but will have to get back to it eventually, just hope the weight loss still happens.
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Well done for getting this far, it is hard going back to food at its like forbidden fruit. But if we stick to a healthy way and not how we used to (junk food) it will be fine. Good luck
Thanks all, hopefully it will get easier, just a bit scared I wont know when to stop eating (when my new jeans dont fit I guess lol) think I will be back on exante full time after this refeed period or before if it gets out of control I WILL NOT BE FAT AGAIN!!!!

Day 2 of refeed
9am Banana shake
5.30pm 1/2 vanilla shake hot with coffee
7pm 3oz turkey, broccoli,cauli, courgette stir fried with water, boullion and curry powder
9pm 1 apple
10 ish other 1/2 of vanilla shake, maybe hot-not sure yet
plus ss milk for teas

Been busy during the day and not felt hungry at all, such a fab feeling, although really really looking forward to my apple in a mo lol

Day 3 of refeed
9am Chocolate shake
3pm Boullion
5.45 1/2 hot choc shake with coffee
7pm soup as per monday
8.30pm Apple
10pm 1/2 choc shake

1/2 pt ss milk thru the day in tea's.

Still doing ok with refeed, still in K I think, but not very happy as I have just received my appointment for MRI scan and it says I have to drink 1 ltr of water mixed with a SUGARY soloution, what the heck is that going to do to ketosis??????????? but needs must I suppose, just have to go thru the hunger again, bu**er :cry:

Hope everyones doing ok xx
Day 4 of refeed - Friday (worked all day so didnt have time to update yesterday)

8.30am Strawberry shake
12pm choc orange bar
3pm 1 apple
6pm Soup as per other days
Boullion throughout the day
1/2 pt ss milk for teas
3 vodka and coke zeros at work

So chuffed with myself for not indulging in Thorntons brazil nut toffee whilst at day work, every time I have worked there I 'treat' myself to a bag, not yesterday tho!!! woohoo, big step for me realising I didn't have to eat it ( had a little help from F&F tho, thanks Julie x) note to self, eating out of habit or boredom is just not on!!!

You're doing really well!!!

The sugary drink is a necessary evil, I'm afraid. You need the scan and your health comes first

Your head is in the right place so that should make it a hell of a lot easier to stick with it

Thanks both of you. Toots I know I need to do it but it scares me cos i've come so close to giving up a couple of time this week, without Ketosis not sure if I can cope, and to do the hungry days again, well bah!!!! is all I can say to that lol. Pleased with weight loss this week - 4lb, makes up for last weeks, setting a new goal weight now, only a few more pounds but I think its needed (and some exercise to maybe) Been working most of the weekend so updating refeed diary all together now.
Days 5 & 6 refeed diary

Breakfast, shake.
Lunch, 1/2 shake
Tea, Turkey and veg (same as before) stir fried with worcester sauce
Supper other 1/2 of shake
1 apple each day + 1/2 pt ss milk for teas.
4 vodka & coke zero's each night (at work)

Going to stay on same refeed for another week, then look into WW more or 2nd refeed stage.

Keep going all, we can do it.

Julie hope your feeling well again soon xx
Day 7 (sunday)
1pm Chocolate shake
4.30pm 1/2 hot vanilla shake with coffee
7pm Turkey stir fry ( brocolli, cauli, courgette) worcester sauce
8pm 1 apple
10.30pm 1/2 vanilla shake hot with coffee
1/2 pt ss milk for tea's

Day 8
11am Strawberry shake
4pm 1/2 hot vanilla shake with cinnamon
6.45pm Turkey soup
8.30pm 1 apple
10pm 1/2 hot vanilla shake with coffee

lost 4lb this week, makes up for last week, going to keep on with this week refeed then look at other options.
Day 9
12pm Strawberry shake
3pm apple
4.30pm 1/2 hot vanilla shake with coffee
5pm 10 red grapes
7pm Chocolate shake
8.15pm 2 tbls 0% fat greek yog with 8 raspberries & 4 strawberries
9.30pm 1/2 hot van shake with coffee

Been feeling very tired and a bit down/depressed the last 2-3 days , no energy and my get up & go has got up & gone! fed up with turkey & veg, soooo have decided that i would rather eat some fruit & yoghurt & add another shake, see if that makes a difference. I know I should have been on 3 shakes with the low carb/protein meal but seemed too much to me, wondering if thats why I am tired tho, so am adding more fruit (not much) just enough to have something to chew on & will see how that goes, may change my mind again soon - but that is a womens perogative after all lol anyways rambling to myself here so good luck for the rest of the week everyone & cant wait for my WI to see if I can still lose whilst eating fruit.

Well done on your loss

Day 10 (wednesday) refeed
11.30am Strawberry shake
1pm bouliion
3pm apple
6pm Vanilla shake with coffee
6.30pm Pear
9.30pm Strawberry shake

very down and tearful today, stomach cramps, had a headache for 6 days, joints aching, very very tired. After some thought I have cut out sweetners from this diet, think i may be intolerant to them. these are the only thing different since i started VLCD. hopefully feel better soon.

Day 11 refeed
11am strawberry shake
1pm bouliion
3.15pm apple
6pm turkey & veg soup
7pm pear
10pm Chocolate shake
feel a bit better today, not 100% tho still tired and snappy.
on the plus side got into size 14 trousers from TU, asda (goerge) 14's too small.

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Thanks Joanne, funny how sizes differ eh? & its a pain being an inbetween size, they should do a size 15 lol. How are you doing now, better since back on exante?

Couldn't agree more but its more a 17 I need lol. I'm just delighted to see the scales going down again coz seeing them creeping up for 3 weeks really wasn't nice. Need to get used to it again though coz I'm constantly starving right now.

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