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New to LL but having an issue with my DR.

Hi i hope no-one minds me writing this as, i have technically not started yet. I was given a start date of the 30th june and my husband the 29th (could have started the week before but we r off on holiday on the 19th) so we got our forms and really are looking forward to starting, but we feel a little let down by our GP. The practice that we are in are refusing to sign the forms because "they dont know ebough about it so dont want to get involved" was their actual response. ARGH, not sure what to do now, havent managed to get in touch with the LLC so have got ourselves into a puddle, can anyone suggest anything?
Thanks Toni x
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Hi Toni,

I had the exact same problem. My LLC actually had used a couple of private doctors in the past and could give me some numbers if my doctor was unable to sign off the form. I went to speak tp my doctor a second time and took all the information in about LghterLife and they signed my form, they said ultimately it was my decision. So keep trying you will get there and this site is a great font of suppoet and knowledge they all helped me through when I thought it wasnt going to happen.

Good luck and keep us posted


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Drs make me so mad!

You are not asking for their permission, you're an adult making your own choices!

I would go back, speak to a practice manager if you have to, and tell them that you are just asking them to certify that you are healthy and don't have any medical problems that could be made worse by a VLCD.

And then give them a slap :D
Hi Toni,
My doctors surgery was also very unhelpful. The head receptionist kept finding excuses not to give me an appointment, until I nearly missed joining my current group. I had to pay £24 to get the form signed, and she tried to scare me by saying it might cost the same as a full medical (£100+). You must remember that you are not asking your doctor for an endorsement - they might not like Lighterlife but they do not have the right to tell you what you can or can't do. They CAN advise on how a VLCD might impact on any medical condition you have or medication you take, so you need to listen carefully to that advice. I didn't have any medical problems or take medication, but I WAS morbidly obese! My doctor said she was concerned about my keeping the weight off afterwards, which is fair enough. I just wanted the chance to be slim in the first place! Four months & five stone later, I'm truly getting there. Stick to your guns, insist on an appointment, be firm in saying you don't need an endorsement, you just need your doctor to sign the form to show that there's no reason you can't follow the diet.
As I don't have any medical issues or take medication, I get my monthly blood pressure & pulse checkups done at my local Lloyds Chemist, which is free, and a lot more friendly!
I can't wait to see that same (fat) head receptionist again when I've reached my goal.
Good luck,
Topcat x
It is a sore subject I know first hand, they are supposed to be professionals and want to help us, obesity is a massive strain on the NHS and here we are trying to do something for ourselves and not asking for anything but a poxy signature makes me wanna spit.

I had to laugh at

toller-girl - And then give them a slap :D

Topcat - I can't wait to see that same (fat) head receptionist again when I've reached my goal.
Remind them that the 2006 NICE guidelines tell them to support each patients individual weight loss programs as long as the diet is valid - guess what - VCLDs are then listed as a valid diet. I had a serious problem with GP too, some are just too ignorant to listen and assume they have to give permission - you are simply asking for them to complete a medical questionnaire and then you will make your own decisions. ALso remind them that as a lighter person you will be less of a worry for the NHS for all weight-related problems and that it is cheaper for them than a gastric bypass!


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Great points Kerrie - just what I was thinking.

Do you have a link where that information is held as I am sure it would be of use to others in the future too.

I did find a link but it is a monster document!! WIll try and dig it out in a bit, am supposed to be preparing for a massive presentation tomorrow and shouldn't really be posting at all!
Found one small useful bit so far - 84 pages to go! Gps are meant to take into account:

· the person’s individual preference and social circumstance and the experience and outcome of previous treatments (including whether there were any barriers)

i.e they are meant to listen to your choice of diet and reasons and not just throw the generic GP surgery diet book at you.
I just want to thank all of you for your swift replies, today i went to see the LLC and i was informed that one of the partners at the surgery signed a form on the 6th June so we have another appt to address this tomorrow, i will lwt you all know how we get on.Toni x


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I had the exact same problem too, they refused to sign it so had to go to a private doctor recomended by my LLC. Cost me £25, best £25 ever spent I'd say as it led me to this. Good luck getting your form signed!

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