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newbie diary - by Claire

I'm writing this diary to try and keep myself in order.

I'm 43 and have 3 kids, people don't consider me overweight as I'm 5ft 11 so carry it easier.

I was a skinny child and until 4 years ago was happy with my weight but it's been sliping on gradually. I have a large tummy and muffin tops. I love food and dislike exercise, smoke and drink. I was a size 10/12 and now a 16 and weighed 12st4.

I haven't really dieted before apart from odd fortninghts and of course regaining my loss, I am now the heaviest I have ever been. I really need to get my self in order. I want to be 10st10.

I started midway through a day - yep not very organised,had prawns for lunch and roast beef for tea plus muller.

Next day - boiled egg, crabsticks, muller, ham, steak, muller

This morning I have lost 4lbs, have now got my oat bran so will start on that.

I have been drinking water like a fish - something I never did before so this must really be flushing me out, I can see my stomach is less bloated already and I feel really well.
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Back on the Dukan wagon!
Hi Claire,
Welcome to the forum and good luck!
I'm also a newbie - been following Dukan for 2 and a half weeks now, my stats are in my siggie.
I probably won't be able to offer much advice as I'm new to it too but I'm sure the experts will be along with any questions you need answered.
PS Do I recognise your name as a lady who posts lots of bargains on another forum???! :D If not, that sentence won't make any sense! :eek:
Thanks for the reply and yes I am the one from the other site lol. You are doing really well, good for you.

Dukan said 2 days of Attack only - do you think 2 is enough or should I do 3 days as I feel very well?


Not very good at this!
Hi and welcome. This site is full of sueful info.

Update your stats using the user cp link then we can see where you're at.

If Dr D says to do 2 days of Attack, stick with that - you have nothing to gain my doing more.

Don't eat too many crabsticks as they have sugar (I'm not sure because I don't eat them but I think it might be 8) and don't overdo the Mullers as they do contain sugar.

It's a good idea to post your menus on the daily menu thread and then people may comment if they see something not quite right.


Goat herder(ess)
Hi, Claire.

I used to find it really easy to lose any excess weight I put on whilst on holidays and trips away from home - until I hit 40. The good news is that this diet has worked fantastically well for me so far - so it does seem to be effective for us over 40's, even when other diets have failed.

I know you wrote that you don't like exercise, but it's really best to do at least some daily on Dukan - even if it's just the 20 minute (or 20 minute) walk. I've found that toning exercises (Pilates in my case) can be very helpful, too - particularly for dieters of our age because the skin loses elasticity and needs a bit of firming.

Good luck!


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Claire,

welcome and good luck! I think the important bits about attack and crabsticks have already been said so I can just add: I am not exactly an exercising person either, although I cycle to work etc. The walking (or equivalent) is just a good idea to get you into the habit of moving a bit more, especially if you have a fairly sedentary lifestyle. I tend to go for a walk at lunchtime (when I can whilst at work), and I really really make the point of taking the stairs not the escalator/lift (where possible, some department stores have their stairs locked off these days...) Whilst on holiday recently I did climbed the stairs for 7 floors in the multi-story car park on foot and was not even out of breath - unthinkable a year ago! Everyone else was takign the lift :D and I even got to the top before them.
The point is do just a little every day, that will get you going and become a new habit.

Personally I'd never really been on a diet pre-Dukan and was also a size 16-18 (since my 20s, now I've just entered the 40s), it took me 2 or 3 months to lose 2 stone last summer and now I'm around a size 12 (10-14 depending on shop/cut etc) and much fitter without trying... I have managed to maintain my losses for now :eek: but don't be fooled - you will not be able to go back to your old food habits (cake etc being my weakness...). Have you got the book? I'd definitely recommend that, it's quite essential, and try to read it all the way through at least once - I found a chapter on exercise at the back, that I had never seen, when I reached stabilisation and read the book to the end ;);)
Thanks all for the welcome and advice.

Yes I have the book (but hadn't seen the exercise chapter)

Today is my PV day, so I have a nice big flat mushroom baking plus a tomato and 2 turkey bacon to grill for breakfast. My friend told me about a mobile fishmongers that comes to a farm shop on a Friday and she got dressed crabs there, so going to get a couple today mmmm.

I tried the porridge last night whilst hubby eat a bar of aero and I thought it was pretty good.

Friday night is pub night tonight so going to try and not have the vodka, just the diet coke - ow I like my vodka Fridays lol.

I haven't felt hungry at all and still at the water like a fish.
I did it - I went to the pub and didn't drink - that's gotta to be a first for me, had 2 diet cokes all night, and my reward .....another lb off this morning.

I'm slightly worried I am not eating enough and will end up in starvation mode as I don't feel hungry. Do you think this enough for a day - it was PV yesterday and I didn't have my bran.

turkey bacon x 2 baked flat mushroom and a tom

white crab meat, lettuce, a tom and 1/4 pepper

8oz rump steak with fat cut off, baked flat mushrom and a tom

skimmed milk in about 4 cups of tea and a bath load of water.


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Hi claire and welcome!

Well done on not drinking at the pub! I can't drink cafeene aftr a certain time (I'm very sensitive to it) so I just sip water -boring lol. But it's okay! Diet coke is more interesting.

You seem to be eating well, the only thing I would say is to make sure you eat more protein than veg on your PV days. Also if you aren't feeling hungry that is a sign that the diet is working and that you are in ketosis! Yay!! X
Made crab cakes yesterday with my bran and an egg and tablespoon of onion - not overly impressed with my efforts, really bland.

Confession time - we took kids to a dance show yesterday (twist n pulse etc) and had kentucky for tea, I looked it up on web first so had 2 chicken breast pieces, we sat in a corner and I took a load of kitchen roll with me, peeled of skin and dried it out as much as I could discreatly with my paper towel lol.

Lots 1/2 lb again this morning so hoping I did ok with this.
Well it's the end of my first week, 2 1/2 days attack then cruise 1 to 1 days and I have lost 7lbs!!! Feeling really chuffed.

I swam yesterday for an hour in the warm sunshine , had lovely grilled sardine fillets with a squeeze of lemon and salad for lunch - reminded me of being on holiday. Went to the pub late afternoon and had diet coke instead of vodka again.
Ok so I did a thread on my water, I was drinking vast amounts about 12 pints so made a doctors appointment but they couldn't see me till Friday, since making it I am not so thirsty but will still go and chat about my body.

My old scales measured body fat % and said I was 40% so got some new all singing n dancing ones, they too put me at 40%, I have had a google and it seems I need to build muscle through strength training - will discuss with doctor.

Scales have been the same weight for 3 days now- it's only my second week so was hoping for a bit of movement, have been posting my daily menus in the menu thread and I think I have been doing really well.

I haven't felt hungry at all and feel really well, better than I have in a long time.


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Sounds like you are doing really well. I had a bit of a 'stall' in the second week but kept with it and it soon caught up again. Women's bodies eh! Dr D does keep mentioning our hormones and how they impact weight loss. I have some body fat scales coming soon and I wonder what mine will say on them. Shame I didn't have them before I started to compare it with. Hubby's family has a tendancy of putting on weight, especially round the middle, so he is keen to keep an eye on his weight now. He has lost a good 10lbs since I started this diet - blinking man!


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Hi claire!

I wouldn't worry. Like poppy says womens bodies are weird!! I went a good three weeks without losing any weight and then all of a sudden dropped three pounds, then the next week I dropped seven pounds, I was Ill at the time but the weight never went back on (I expected it to) and a week later I've dropped another three pounds! Thats with going on to consolidation for a few weeks to recover after my operation.

Women are weird! Lol. Try not to worry it's probably just your body adapting. You will see a loss soon I'm sure of it. It can be really disheartening, like I said waiting three weeks for a loss really brought me down but now I've lost almost another stone! (I think... My maths is shocking)

I find that too many fizzy drinks can cause a stall and too much dairy - I was eating waaaay too much yoghurt and quark! Could you maybe post some of your meals up so we can have a look? X
OK yesterday turned into a PP day instead of PV as I was rushing around like a mad thing and didn't have time to cook my veg that I was planning on having. The good thing is this will give me a PV on Sunday but I know I shouldn't mess from 1/1 days.

I took some latchulose (spelling) the last 2 days so had a No2 - hurrah!

Result this morning 2lb loss
Menus from the last few days

muller n oat bran
grilled sardines and salad
steak mushroom and tomato

muller and oatbran
prawns, crab, smoked mackerel
SF jelly

2 egg omlette plus a white, mushrooms and tomato
2 salmon fillets with roasted veg, peppers, toms, red onion, courgette
2 venison burgers spinach in greek yoghurt
nat yog and oatbran

oatbran porridge
crab, prawn, smoked mackerel
smoked haddock x 2

oatbran porridge
prawns, smoked salmon, 4 crab sticks
2 egg omlette plus a white with small amount of chicken
this was ment to be PV but turned out PP = busy day


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Well done on your loss claire you are doing really well :) meals look good too. I'm totally in to fish since starting dukan, I used to be scared of it lol x


Gone a bit quiet
. I'm totally in to fish since starting dukan, I used to be scared of it lol x
I agree, it is great and the thing they muck about with least in restaurants, often just steamed or baked with veg.

I've still not tried making salmon souffle, might gve it a go this w end.

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