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Newbie Question about drinks


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I am new to VLCD dieting having previously tried WW and SW a million times.
I have obviously done a bit of reading about it and started Exante 3 days ago.
Apart from a few headaches, I've really enjoyed it so far.
The only thing I am really craving is diet coke or diet irn bru but from what I've read these are a no-no but I'm not sure I understand why.
Can anybody explain please?
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Partly because they contain citric acid and this is a known trigger for some people (I have to stress not everyone!) to knock them out of ketosis.

Also cos some people seem to think that the sweeteners and additives can give you sugar cravings even if you are still in ketosis.

Coke zero or dr pepper zero have malic acid not citric and are recommended if you really can't live without some fizzy pop in your life - only the odd glass though!

Some people can drink diet coke etc with no apparent problems though (waves to Mark! ;)) so it's probably worth experimenting although personally I would be wary of straying from the rules so early into your plan.


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Hi their Kaka, good luck on your journey.

I believe the reason these drinks are a no no is because they contain citric acid which can inhibit ketosis in some people. Somewhere on the site is a list of drinks which are considered OK. I'll try to find it later once my DH has finished his accounts since he's stood over me waiting to use this 'puter.

I know Coke Zero is OK as are the flavoured waters which contain malic acid in the place of citric.

All the best for now, Gina


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Thanks for that, I'm a real novice so any advice much appreciated.
I'm sure I'll manage to kick the pop habit but it's nice to know the odd coke zero might be okay x
Hi Kaka,

Use this programme as a way of 'coming off' the fizzy, it's no good for you in any form.

I'm into week three and am only drinking water. I find that if I have a 2 litre bottle on my desk at work that I drink it all before mid afternoon, it really works to quell any hunger pangs.

If you stick to the water, you'll probably find that when you get back onto healthy eating, that the'pop' is too sweet anyway!

All the best with your programme!

I like water and tend to drink at least 2 litres a day, however when the hungar pains set in bad I need that little boost to get me over them, I have a small glass coke zero. I have also found, after searching around Tesco's for many hours 2 other items that are citric acid free however contain maltic acid intead.I was shocked that 95% of all the items on the shelves infact contain citric acid. The only 2 items i could find were Tesco's High Juice No Added Sugar, can't remember the flavors, think winter berries was one of them and Orangina Light, however you can only get this in Tesco Extra stores.

Hope the alternatives to waters help,

Kaka, I drink caffeine free diet coke which does have citric acid and I am still in and have been in Ketosis since day 8, I am now on day 29. I cannot drink any other coke as it has caffeine in it. For me being in ketosis is a bonus as I would cope without it but it does make it easier.


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Thanks again for this really useful info.
How do I know I'm burning fat? I had just assumed that if I went on the programme it would happen but is there any chance it won't?
The tell tell signs are a smelly breath and your mouth constantly feels dry and horrible. You will also not feel hungry and will actually feel quite good as the ketones work there magic. There is another sure way to tell is buying yourself some Ketostix,then peeing on a stick waiting 40 seconds to see what colour it turns, compare it to the chart on the container and that will indicate whether you are in ketosis or not. This is a definate help, but you must remember that not being in Ketosis does not mean you will not lose weight. Ketosis just helps a lot.
Sorry Kaka, what I forgot to mention is that Ketosis is when the body uses it's own fat reserves for energy due to the starvation. Sounds bad but it is a good thing.
Hi! As you can see some people know what they can get away with. Mark and his caffin free coke, mike drinks coke zero....i drink strawberry and kiwi flavoured water and the occasional diet coke. BUT and this is a big but......they are technically not allowed so u have to do this at your own risk....and if its works for you then its a great bonus. Not everyone can get away with it. And also....drink these things in moderation. I generally drink 1litre of flavoured water a day and the rest plain water. and diet coke maybe 2-3 cans a week as a treat. xx


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Thanks again to you all, this forum is fab. wish I had discovered it years ago x


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I don't drink it, just stick to the fizzy water, but I have learnt something as I assumed coke zero was also caffeine free. It's the word 'zero' that made me think it had nothing bad in it.
Hey, don't diss the blonde!!


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No worries, I'm a blonde too so expect lots of questions lol

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