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niche's diary!

I have decided to start a diary just so I can keep track & get some advice. I'm nearly at the end of 1st week of cruise after 5 days of attack.

B- fruit muller with oatbran & wheatbran. Coffee with splenda

L- chicken salad & boiled egg. Diet coke

D- turkey rashers with dry fried egg, tomatoes & mushrooms. Sf jelly & diet coke.

I also drink plenty of water throught the day.
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I should swap the fruit mullers for the toffee or vanilla flavours - (I tend to add half a pot of toffee flavour to two table spoons of zero fat greek yogurt)
Hi, I have the toffee & vanilla muller every morning. Are you not allowed 2 tolerated items (I'd just count the yog)? And are the tolerated items just for pv days? Thanks


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You are indeed allowed two tolerated items per day, in Cruise, PP and PV days... however, these items will slow your weight loss so they are only advised (i) if you're happy with the rate of your weight loss and that you're not stalling and (ii) - add on for me - when you've been on the diet for a while and are getting sick of the options!!

At your weight, you don't have to worry too much
Today was a bit better, thanks maintainer for confirming the tolerated items.

B- coffee with splena & toffee muller

L- 5 chicken legs & diet coke

D- dukan bread Butty with steak, 20g slice of ww 2% ff cheese & bit of mustard. Mmmm! Toffee frozen muller.

I love the dukan bread, it's so easy to make & really makes you feel like u've had proper bread! (Ive forgot wot real bread tastes like haha).
Today was pp.

B- coffee with splenda & vanilla mullet

L- dukan bread Butty with ham, xtra lite Philly & tomatoes. Diet coke

D- steak & salad. Diet coke

Mite have warm milk with splena before bed! Official weigh in tomorrow but totm so feel bloated & awful. Hope it doesn't affect me too much!
I'm attempting a quiche!

B- coffee with splenda & muller

L- 2 bolied eggs, muller & diet coke

D- quiche (if all goes well haha). Sf jelly.

Might have a warm cappuccino with splenda before bed.
PV day today!

Quiche went really well, easy to make and yummy!

B-coffee with splenda & dukan bread Butty with ham & slice low fat ww cheese.

L- seafood quiche & diet coke

D- mince with onions, mushrooms & tomatoes & diet coke. Fruit muller.

I'm Gona try and really cut down my tolerated items as I only lost 1lb this week. I'm just Gona use them at weekend so I feel like I'm having a treat.


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Sorry, niche, but that works out to be 12.5g of fat per 100g and is way too high. I'd avoid it, if I were you.

I think it's very hard to find a suitable fat-free/very low-fat cheese in the UK, I'm afraid.


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Yeah, all but quark is banned on DD. I did weaken once and sprinkled a little Parmesan onto quark just to get a cheesy flavour, but I've not done it again as even a teaspoonful of Parmesan is high fat. It helped that Atropos, Maintainer and co explained over time very clearly how and why this diet works. The ketosis is the key factor.


Gone a bit quiet
It's not fine as not zero fat, but if you want to take it into your calculations, you could treat it as if it's a tolerated food, ie limit it and if you plateau then skip it. I'm no expert, but a tiny bit more fat than zero won't take you out of ketosis. I shouldn't use it freely though.

I'm interested that we're all using Muller lite, as if you read it, it's got more sugar than we should have, so I guess you could balance things by not using that, and having natural yogurt flavoured at home with controlled amounts of sweetener


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Hi ref ww cheese, I've give wrong info.
Per 20g slice there is
Cals- 43
Fat- 2.1g
Sat- 1.3g
That's still 10.5g per 100g, niche, and far too high to be recommended for Dukan. For instance, the fat level of ham that's allowed is something like under 5g per 100g (can't remember the exact amount, but it's considerably less than 10g).

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