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NSV sabotage!!!


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Having a little ranty moment here!!

Here I am feeling rather smug as I've got back into my size 10 jeans (yes they are on the generous side) but I'm at a comfortable size 12 and 2lb lighter than I was this time two years ago.

As I am a bit of a clothes addict anyway obviously I want to buy even more now but what's really annoyed me is the differences in sizing between shops!!

I ordered a dress couple of tops and a pair of shorts from an online company. The dress is a 10 the tops are a 12 and the shorts a 14. I'm a 12 in primark and said size 10 jeans are from DP. Those massive size variations could easily have dented all that smugness and NSV if I'd let it. Why is there no consistency in sizing??

Anyone else agree?

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Vanity sizing widly varies from shop to shop it is how it works. Only time you get true sizes if you buy designer though top shop is pretty close i do believe. There 14 is about a size 12 most other places. Thing is dont let it get to you and try and ignore the actual sizes you know you look good in your cloths and have more confidence then roll with that :D
I totally agree. I could buy a size 16 in New Look but there isn't a chance in hell I could buy a 16 in Top Shop. It can be a big confidence denter if you let it.


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I completely agree I'm not all the fussed what it says on the label generally speaking I'll buy whatever size I need for the clothes to look right. It's inconvenient though as well and means I have to try everything on. These I have bought online I have to pay to send them back which is annoying when I've bought all variety of sizes. I did look at their sizing guide and measure but it's never a true representation x

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This really bugs me especially when in some stores you get this variation as well if they stock more than one brand. I am now a size 8 in most shops, although I've just brought two dresses off ebay (one bay trading and the other bespoke) and neither quite fit :( However my size 10 dresses are now falling off me so I can't win lol


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Lol they need to do a size 9 for you!

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i remember when i was at my slimmest some were a generous 10 but mainly 12. I went shopping in top shop and couldnt get a 16 past my thighs and i came home and cried. It was the first time i went on an official diet and ive ben on one ever since - 1 baby and now a size 18 -20 :( . Looking back at photos there was nothing even wrong with me!


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I went off Tolstoy when I left uni, it's gone a bit too waif like model trendy for me, you can't wear most of what they sell and it look right unless you are tiny and I find most of it a bit weird these days lol maybe I'm just getting old x

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Oops meant Topshop lol

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I'm currently wearing a size 10 dress, yesterday I wore a size 18 skirt. Both fit me perfectly and yet I have many items in those sizes (and inbetween) which are too big or too small.

It just depends on the shop, cut of the garment etc.

I do agree it's quite annoying though!
Wow that's a massive diff between the two!! Bloody stupid lol xx

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Jane Norman also do their sizes teeny tiny stylee.

I actually prefer shops sizing with S M L like Zara and H&M. I'm quite happy in a M. At least then you're getting anything from a 10-14!!!
It's all to do with marketing and who they are aiming at, take Topshop & DP's they are both owned by Arcadia yet the sizes are worlds apart. This is because DP is aimed at women aged 30 and above where Topshop is aimed at below 30's.

Really sizing is a double edged sword when you are on the bigger size you will avoid shopping in shops where the sizing is on the small size and will tend to go shopping where the sizes are generous. I know at my biggest well a generous size 18 I wouldn't go near Topshop. And really I wasn't an 18 I was more realistically a 20-22. Then the generous sizes help keep me in denial now it's the small sizes that are keeping me focused I can squeeze into a small 12 but no chance of fastening, but that is my aim to get in those small 12's :)
It also depends on where they source their clothing from, some of the shops selling items imported from China etc are teeny weeny, my daughter used to have such problems with them, as if they are made for Chinese girls who are much smaller than Europeans.

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