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o/t Seatbelt extensions

Hi everyone - following on from conversations in the thread about things you can do now you've lost weight, I am just wondering what sort of sizes people were when they needed a seatbelt extension? I am really really worried that I'll need one and I will be so embarrassed. I embarrass so easily and I want to prepare myself as much as possible! I guess clothes size or waist size would be a good enough indication for me - any help would be gratefully received
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Hey hun, please don't worry. I have had to ask for an extension many times :( and it is embarassing but I've always found them to be really nice about it (I always ask a woman though, don't know why but it seems worse to ask a man!)

I would say it depends on whether you are doing long haul or short haul and even what type of plane because I've gone out on holiday and had to have one and coming back didn't and no way do I lose weight when I'm on my hols! hehehe Anyway, they are usually very discreet in my experience so try not to worry and just remember you wont have to see any of them again and next time you wont need it at all xxx
Hun i think length of belt varies depending on airline...off the top of my head i think ours are 42inches, but it sits around widest part so not waist size but i'll find out for def for you if you like!

I know nothing will prob make you feel better about the situation should you need one but i really can't emphasise enough how unimortant it is to crew, like i said in other thread i have never ever heard any laughing/jokes/mocking or any such thing about someone needing one. It is so common these days that i guarentee you if you do need one you will not be the only one on the plane, and crew are so so busy during boarding stage that they won't bat an eyelid. It may be mortifying to the person needing the extension but on the whole people don't care about what is going on unless it affects them.
To try and ease your mind i once flew with a girl who was a complete cow, just making nasty remarks about people the whole trip..hair colour, 'ugly men', even commenting on the 'whale' (her words not mine on the beach). She really wound a lot of us crew up the whole trip with her persistant bitching...on the way home she had an Americian family who were all big, when i say big i mean huge..the father had to buy an upper class ticket as he would never of fitted into an economy one....anyway she gave them the belts then came into the back galley and me and another girl were just waiting for her to ***** as we were gonna give her a mouthful about being proffessional........i kid ya not, nobody was more shocked than me that she didn't utter a word, i don't think she was being nice but i just think she hadn't registered.

Hope you understand what i'm getting at with that story, and that it may make you feel a bit better IF you need one, wish you were on my flight, i'd look after you!!xx
Aww thanks Airgirl, I wish on your flight too :) I will just have to see how I am when I am there and I guess if I do have to have one, I will just remember that it's just a means to an end and that I am going to a lovely place at the end of it. I just blush at the slightest thing and hate that I have no control over it. I am also worried that I am gonna annoy people next to me! I think I will be a size 22-24 by the time I go.

We're flying Thomas Cook, so I don't know what their seats are like, but I guess I should just stop worrying! x
hi, ull prob be ok, i was a sze 28 and needed extension belt last year, went in june this year size 22 and didnt need 1 tho it was a little tight on the way home, 10lb gain lost it week after tho, thankfully,
arh hun dont worry when me and hubby went on our honeymoon i had to get an extension i was really upset and ladys was lovely just asked her and she brought it over and then turned around and had to give one to another lady next row up but didnt need it on flight home i was about a 24 26 then.
i flew back in feb i was just over 18stone size 22/22 with ryanair and didnt need one. went with aerlingus few months later to spain and didnt need one either i was 17 10 but it def depends on the airline your going with.

Dont worry hun, anytime ive had to ask they have always brought it discreetly and never had a problem, once i had to ask a fella but he didnt care. as airgirl says there to busy etc.

one other thing dont sit by a exit row if you think you may need one cuz once i needed one and i was in this row and i had to be moved with other ppl and i could feel everyone looking i was mortified! :(


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If you are going with Thomson could you afford an upgrade? They are usually not too bad (about £250 for Aruba, which covers both ways) and that guarantees you more room etc..
If you need an extension ask as soon as you board, people will be so busy sorting themselves out they won't spot you at all.
Finally don't worry. We flew easyjet on april and I was really worried, but at a size 22/24 the belt was no prob at all.
Concentrate on havinga good holiday, thats the main thing.

Where are you flying to hun? I don't wanna contradict what Barb has said above but personally i'd wait until your seated before you ask for an extention, 2 reasons really firstly you may not even need one and secondly the boarding people are likely to tell you to ask another member of crew when your seated. Usually whoever is boarding can't leave the doors so very much doubt they'll get it for you and so many people request things at the door that crew usually tell them to sit down first then speak to their cabin crew as it's impossible to remember all requests and where those people are seated. Plus they just wanna get you all on and doors shut so they don't miss their slot.

I have never flown with them but have a friend that used to so will find out how large the belt is for you.xx


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Airgirl, you are quite right (well you are in the business after all!), what I meant was as soon as you have tried the belt, if it doesn't fit, ask. I did that once and it was sorted very quickly whereas on our easyjet flight, a lady needed one and asked when everyone was seated and being checked and the hostess was very unsubtle and called up the aisle to a colleague for an extension! The poor lady looked very upset, she was just across from us and I tried to give her a reassuring smile but she looked really tearful.
Thanks everyone for your comments. I am flying to Turkey with Thomas Cook. I measured the 42" and i'd be fine with that, especially if I lose a bit more before then (going 4 weeks today). So hopefully Thomas Cook will have a similar measurement!

Really appreciate the replies, I was in panic mode! I definitely don't want to ask unless I really have to, but will prepare myself that I may need to xx
Thanks everyone for your comments. I am flying to Turkey with Thomas Cook. I measured the 42" and i'd be fine with that, especially if I lose a bit more before then (going 4 weeks today). So hopefully Thomas Cook will have a similar measurement!

Really appreciate the replies, I was in panic mode! I definitely don't want to ask unless I really have to, but will prepare myself that I may need to xx
ive seen them for sale on ebay, you could bring it with you and put it in your hand bag if needed ?
Thanks Becky - not sure if they'd allow you to use your own? But I think I am just gonna see how I get on I think.

Barb, forgot to say - no chance of upgrading, I have only just managed to get a bit of spending money together, so couldn't afford any more. My holiday was £500 so adding another 50% on that is just impossible. Thanks for the advice though x
Hi BunnyG - am sure you will be fine and as everyone says if you need one don't be embarassed. Now you have got an extra goal towards your holiday. Good luckxx
Looking forward to seeing the "Didn't need an extension" post when you get back :D
You know what, your gonna be fine...spoke to my friend and she doesn't know the exact length but the fact you tried the 42inch test AND you still have 4 weeks to go you won't need one at all. All she told me was 'their the same length as all the others'...hmm great help she was, but the length won't vary too drastically from aircraft to airline a couple of inches in it at most. So i'd say if you can do 39inches you will 100% be fine.xx

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