OH MY GOD HELP ME !!!!!!!!!!


The Diet Guy
Hey hey! Ok first thing is to relax.

The key to these first few days is water, water and then a bit more water (with some water).

And get a few early nights and do all those jobs you have been putting off.

By this weekend you will have the duvet of ketosis and then will be set.

So time to just be busy, tough and resist (oh did I mention you need to drink loads of water!)

Now go for it (and drink some water)



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How about thinking of WHY you need to lose 2stone by Dec 21st? List all of the reasons you want to lose the weight, and keep reminding yourelf of them constantly so that when you are tempted to nibble, they pop into your head.

Split your packs, so you can space them out over the day, and keep a bottle of water with you all the time so you can sip on that instead.

BUT if you are finding you really cant manage SS, dont beat yourself up about it, maybe try 790, which I hav heard has similar losses?!

Good luck!!


The Diet Guy