ok so i lied....

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  1. ThinDilema

    ThinDilema Full Member

    Well it wasnt a massive lie! but basically its not day 1 today its day 1 tomorrow :D Ive tried the porrige, and soups today then starting tomorrow :D if nothing because i had breakfast and i kinda want a clean slate does that make sense?
    Anyhooo im basically finding all i can eat is the porrige and soup...the shakes are making me gag a little like i cannot stomach them, but the porrige and soups are yum so is it ok to live of them??

    (BL kinda wanting some mums advice haha!!)

    Hope everyones having a good day :) And Im praying tomorrow goes smooothly!!

    Lovesyou all
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  3. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    lol You are a nut. :D

    I hope you bought enough packs to see you through as you dipped into them today!?

    Well, you can try varying the shakes - did you make them too thick? Did you just shake them? Or are you using a hand blender? I blend mine with ice, and make a smoothie and they are gorgeous. What is it about them you don't like? The tast? Or the texture? Or the temperature? I like them either ice cold or hot made with coffee.

    Get your head wrapped right round what you are starting tomorrow - and be ready to ONLY have 4 packs a day. Now brekkie first... ;)

    You need to commit to it, and be as positive as ever. Some people get by on just one or two items, but I think variety is important to stave of boredom - so lets see if we can come up with a way you like the shakes....what is it you don't like?

  4. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    Right - so heres to tomorrow then, fresh start and all that. I would imagine that variety does make it easier, but for me I had 2 choc shakes and a bar (sometimes toffee, sometimes peanut) everyday for 11 ish weeks! x
  5. ThinDilema

    ThinDilema Full Member

    BL - haha i know but i cant help it!! there packs left over from january which i just swap over to ive got quite alot im going to keep them for maintance :)
    Im not sure, tbh i dont feel 'well' today so it might just be that, im going to try and have a hot vanilla and coffee tomorrow morning and see how that is :) i think it might have even been the coffee beans my dad has bought their very strong lol tink ill get my own lol!!
    ive spent the evening reading LL magazines i got from my LLC feel really motivated now :D just a bit under the weather mind you it is august and tipping it down with rain!!! :rolleyes:

    Lovesyou all
  6. ThinDilema

    ThinDilema Full Member

    hahaha! i could see myself living off porrige and vanilla shakes! :rolleyes:
  7. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    theres worse things to live off isnt there! the stories in the mags are really inspiring arent they x
  8. ThinDilema

    ThinDilema Full Member

    they are arent they!! seeing the pictures and reading stories that are so smiliar to me! :D
  9. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    Yep. Thats the thing - whatever works for you is the best way forward! :)

    Nice new Avatar Vik!!! You look great!!!

  10. Spannerwanner

    Spannerwanner technologically ignorant

    It took me ages to get into the shakes. Have you tried making them into a mouse rather than a shake? I did that for the first couple of months and then when I was more used to the taste I found I could take them as shakes.
  11. ThinDilema

    ThinDilema Full Member

    how do we make them into mouses??? im very intrested :D
  12. rainbow

    rainbow Gold Member

    just add less water - its kinda like a paste, i didnt like it though to be honest. I bake one choc shake and make a little bun out of it and then have the other shake poured over it, it wasnt to replace food, but it was the easiest way I found to get all 4 foodpacks into me in a day xxx
  13. kenshin112

    kenshin112 Gotta Make A Change

    Vanilla shake Wow is a must
    :) Porridge is quality aswell ('',)
    Have a good one tomorrow :)
  14. Spannerwanner

    Spannerwanner technologically ignorant

    There are a range of recipies for things you can do with food packs in a thread in this forum. You might like to look at this as you may find this makes some of the packs better for you.

    In general I found that I just got used to the flavours after a bit (except the chocolate - that's horrible!)
  15. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    I used to hate the chocolate too. I could not find anything about it that tasted like chocolate.

    Then I added three - (yes! 3) hermasitas - and then it tasted scrummy - like chocolate.

    I never used hermasitas - but I do with the chocolate. Changed it 100%.

    It sounds like a lot of sweetener, but I founf the chocolate so flat and bitter, it needed it. Now its one of my favourites. :)
  16. Spannerwanner

    Spannerwanner technologically ignorant

    BL - I only like really dark, low sugar, bitter chocolate (85% plus if possible) so I don't think adding sweetener would help me. I dislike most chocolate available in this country, the French are so much better at it!
  17. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    I'm like you - like dark chocolate much better then milk. :) And I sweeten nothing - coffee, tea, etc., never any sweetener. But for some reason, it changes the chocolate pack immensely. :)
  18. Spannerwanner

    Spannerwanner technologically ignorant

    BL - I may have to try it. I don't suppose it get's rid of the little white lumps the chocolate shake seems to have does it?
  19. Blonde Logic

    Blonde Logic Yes. You can.

    I don;t get any lumps? I use a blender and ice every time. Its loverly. :) Do you use a blender?

    Be nice if they did a dark chocolate shake, ay? :)

    Me latest favourite is Vanilaa with 2 heaped spoons of instant coffe. yummy. :)
  20. Spannerwanner

    Spannerwanner technologically ignorant

    I don't have a blender and I probably couldn't be bothered to clean it if I did. I don't really do kitchen. I just use the shaker, works fine for most shakes.
  21. slendablenda

    slendablenda Gold Member

    I never used a blender either,nor the shaker. I used to lose half the powder with the lumps sticking in the grid bit.
    I became very adept at mixing to a smooth paste with a .........spoon.......!
    It also meant i didn't have to remember to take anything with me when I was out except the sachet.
    I did that for 10months. Worked for me.
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