Old packs....


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I was on the LL plan last year and lost 3st! I then gained about a stone when I found love!! Yippee (not to the weight gain)
Anyway I have about a month's worth of packs but there out of date between Sep 08 and now - does anyone know if I can still use them or would they make me ill?

Not looking forward to start again... but here goes anyway!

Thanks Peanut xx
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Hi I have done the same and have been using up old packs from last Sept/Oct with no ill effects!!:17729:well no more than normal!!

Good luck


I fell pregnant and came off LL then used up the packs after the pregnancy. They were substantially out of date by then but I felt fine and they tasted fine. I didn't feel at all as if I was getting fewer nutrients but then I always took a multi-vit with my packs even when they were in date.