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OMG the pain!!


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My trainer is trying to kill me! When asked for some exercises to get rid of the stomach he gave me some!
Seemed simple enough, lie on the floor on your back, raise your legs off the floor (done this for pilates easy!) and keeping them off the floor alternate straightening them and bringing back to the start position!
Do this for 2 reps of 15. I got to 7 and was struggling, 15 nearly killed me, and there was still the 2nd set to do lol!!!
I can't move! I'm in agony, my thighs feel like I've run a marathon!
How can something so seemingly simple be so painful!
My stomach is gonna look like Elle Macpherson's this time next week if I keep this up!!
Roll on tomorrow!!
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I can sympathise entirely!!! My zumba instructor is also the instructor for my legs, bums & tums class & she makes us do that exercise too! Plus if anyone stops short of the required reps she makes us do more!!! Oh the pain! :cry:but it'll be worth it.

Keep up the hard work Kate. xx


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I would never have thought that anything that simple would be so efective and painful! My midriff to my knees hurts lol, muscle aching pain lol.
He said it would be good for my core muscles, looks like he was right!


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I've noticed since doing my 3 zumba classes & 1 LBT class I've dropped inches massively & also toned up but there have been some days where I've hardly been able to walk down stairs due to my thighs not working properly. ha ha!
I did 15 mins on an excersize bike this morning after not doing any exersize in such a long time!! I had to keep lying down after every 2 mins cause I was dizzy!!! Then afterwards I was so tired I fell asleep!

Looks like I have a way to go to reach full fitness!!
You'll get there Soph, it's all about starting and you've done that! I'm nowhere near full fitness, not sure I ever will but everyday I'm a little bit better and work a little bit harder. Go at your own level with a little bit extra rather than pushing yourself too hard.
Before I started with weight loss and then the gym I wasn't capable of anything, on the 30th July I completed a 10km Race for Life. I walked it and it took me 1 hour 58 minutes but I did it.
So you just keep cycling away,but if you keep getting dizzy make sure you go to the Drs and get yourself checked out ok.
Be fit and be sensible.
Good luck
Thanks hun!!

Going to try and get back on the bike whilst watching Gino & Mel do lunch!! Not sure if im torturing myself doing that but I love Gino :)

Well it might be just what you need to do longer! I can now do a half hour programme on the xtrainer bcause I've learnt to zone out! I still look like I'm the walking dead but from wanting to vomit after just 3 minutes it's an improvement!
Just try and go a bit onger every time, when you can do say 10 minutes add a few changes, go fast for 30 secs then slow for a minutes! You'd be amazed how quick the time goes and you've had a better cardio workout! Then try for 12 minutes etc, just increase by a minute or 2 every day!
Enjoy Gino
That's amazing!! Im very impressed! The thought of staying on the bike for half an hour without passing out seems a longgg way away!! I'll keep going though!! X x

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