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Ossireo is maintaining!

As I am working on maintaining please do not use my diary as a guide on what to eat on Atkins/Low Carb ;)

Hi All

Thought I would start a little diary thread for myself. I will likely be irregular at updating but will give it a shot.

As a mistress of self sabotage I decided a while back that I was going to work at maintaining my weight until such a time that my head caught up with me and I could start to work on losing the weight! I tend to have between 20 and 50 net carbs a day

Today was a positive start to the week. The OH has decided that he needs to get back on track which always helps me a great deal! Work was as manic as usual as I was trying to fit in my monthly inspections and then update some papers in the office .. never ending!

B - 2 Bockwurst & scrambled eggs (made with butter & soya milk)
L - Chicken & Bacon mayo with baby leaves
D - 3 Bratwurst with mixed veggies and grated cheese (and a sneaky bit of brown sauce too)
S - Spicy Pepperami and some low carb boiled sweets to avoid the charity sweetie box in work!

Bit of a sausage fest today in the Ossi household :eek:

Hoping I wont be led astray tomorrow, my colleague is bringing in welsh cakes for St Davids Day :eek: She is a real skinny minnie to boot as well! Wish me luck!
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Good luck for tomorrow, but you'll be fine. Good to see you posting again O, and using low carb to maintain, it's a nice way to eat. :)


Clean green leafy machine
Yes, good to see you posting Oss - and well done on going for maintaining, I'm sure you will do fabulously :)
Thanks both :)

I was just planning on making some muffins for tomorrow (experimenting with an old GI recipe doing a mix of flax and ground almonds) but my darn silicon muffin cases are missing. Come to think of it my little measuring spoons are as well ... methinks I have a stray kitchen box somewhere after the move ....

...this is what happens when I let the OH pack up the house ... I had figured after countless army moves he would be a pro ... turns out his ex-wife use to do the packing .... which may explain his shove everything into a box regardless if it is rubbish or household things .. I have even unpacked an empty tissue box and some empty toiletry bottles too :rolleyes:


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Hi Oss, nice to meet you. Could you post your muffin recipe - DH is doing lots of experiments with almond flour and i think a flax/almond mix would be nice


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I'll dig out the recipe Katie and post it when I get home tonight :)

B-Bacon & Egg Cheesy Toasty (22g carb for the Burgen Bread - not for induction)
L-Chicken & Bacon mayo & baby leaves
D-Chicken & Veggies

Hoping to avoid the welsh cakes :sigh:


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Still looking for that recipe - never letting a man pack my things ever again!

Thanks for the welcome back Linzi- your after photo is looking amazing btw xx

Well managed to avoid the Welsh cakes - even when I was stuck in work till 8pm and my boss insisted in munching three on the desk next to me!

Although I did have some dark chocolate when I got home and a coffee with cream to make up for it! OH made a lovely curry type thing which we had with veg for dinner, it was gorgeous!

B-Bockwurst and scrambled egg
L-Going to try taking an omelette to work to heat up!
D-something with veggies

Another day with left over welsh cakes .. I can be strong!
Hi :wavey: I found your diary :)
LOL, the new diary area makes it easy doesn't it love
Thanks hun.... am about 20lbs down on that pic now as well. x
You must be feeling amazing! Well done!

Well I managed to dodge the welsh cakes today, although after a nasty call from a tenant I did resort to buying a bag of "just nuts" from the charity sweetie box! Figured damage limitation to a degree!

Just had a lovely dinner of Aldi 100% Beefburger with Stilton and veggies :) Now I am settling down at the PC with a cup of tea with soya milk :) Really need to make some SF Jelly for the fridge at some point too!
I get sneaky Lisa - at the moment I have two fridges - I put the treats for DS in the 'other' fridge with the bottles of pop and then he has no reason to go into the main fridge and spot MY jelly ;-)

It does have the added bonus of the fact his choccies can't shout to me too loudly as that fridge is in the pantry :)
Well I live on the edge of the estate that I look after so its a 5 minute walk for me. Although I tend to procrastinate so much I am late most mornings :rolleyes:

I can get Minis in work but don't get much time to myself to chat as always seems to be something going on :cry:

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