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Paul McKenna - Instant Confidence

I started listening to this last Sunday (the 18th Feb). I listened to it a couple of times on Sunday, a couple of times on Monday, and since then I've listened to it every single morning.

The difference has been incredible! My self confidence, although not as much as some people, is significantly more then it was before (it was rock bottom before).

Just thought I'd post this now, and then I'll go into more detail tomorrow!
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Working My Way to Thin!
Thanks Janey

Do you think the confidence book and CD would be good for a Teenager, or do you think it is more for adults?

I have also got the change your life in 7 days which I would have thought may be quite similar in content, but I find this one a little heavy going for a younger person and was wondering if the Confidence one maybe a bit easier to understand/follow


Intuitive Eater
I have both the CD's you mention but I have to be perfectly honest and admit that I have never read either of the books that the CD's came with. I find the CD's so beneficial on their own. That being said I think both the content of the books and the CD's would be appropriate for a teenager. :)


Working My Way to Thin!
Thankyou Janey

I was thinking about the Confidence one for my Stepdaughter as she is very self concsious and in certain situations is not very confident

The bigger problem though, is getting her to listen to it

If it's a choice of listening to Paul Mckenna or Justin Timberlake - we won't need Einstein to work out which one it will be


Intuitive Eater
Innertalk is double the price of PMK's confidence CD but they do many wonderful titles - Confidence and also Soaring Self Esteem. Your step-daughter could listen to one of these CD's whilst watching tv, eating, reading, even sleeping.

I guess she could listen to one of Paul's anyway. I doubt they need to be listened to every day and they are only 25 minutes. :)

(p.s. good old Einstein - he was a vegetarian you know!!). :D

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Bump for rowan2


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
thanks flower , i am not following you, honest, but i'm glad you stumbled accross this!
So far I have started the weight loss one, I know there is a the i will make you rich (i've got to try that one!) but i hadnt heard of this one in particular.

i seriously think i will end up with all his books and cds.

Now does anyone esle think we were hypnotised to say how great he is???:confused:
Your welcome for the bump, I thought this was the same dude that has been hypnotising you, Hey you just gotta believe it and it will work! You'll be a skinny lil thing before you know it!


Losing the baby fat
G: 12st0lb
it's a shame he cant just hypnotise me into thinking i am skinny already:rolleyes: I'm not even so sure you could call it being hypnotised, although the last session I did feel strange afterwards as if something different happened, and i am eating with my left hand and not my right!
I was so sceptical about it, but honest, i think I've found something of great benefit here!!! I just want to tell everyone lol :D
I grew up with Paul McKenna on the tv and he was just a funny hypnotist guy, this is something else altogether - i will so look into getting his other cds. I'd like to know more about the confidence one.
i'm not going so far as to saying he changed my life, but my eating habits and feeling that i must stop eating when i feel a bit full - well, i find it all intriguing. What else can he do for me???

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