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Perfectly Clear Strawberry and Kiwi Water

I have been told by someone who done ss a few years back that we are allowed this drink after week two? can any of the cdc's confirm this as i am having alot of trouble drinking plain water and my cdc doesn't have any until next week?



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Gone fishing
No to the perfectly clear I'm afraid :(

You can have teas and coffees etc as part of your intake, but good to have some water too.

Have you tried different leaf teas?

Don't forget the cambridge water flavourings (from week 3). They're nice, especially with sparkling water :)
yeah im waiting on falvouring from cdc i have peppermint tea and and green tea and some black coffee but i jus wanted something sweeter i'll have to wait i suppose
I used to mix a pepper mint teabag and a greentea teabag in a big mug and put in a couple of sweetner tablets which made a really nice sweetish hot drink

x x

Purple Hugs

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I used to mix a pepper mint teabag and a greentea teabag in a big mug and put in a couple of sweetner tablets which made a really nice sweetish hot drink

x x
This sounds lovely! :) will make a mental note of this!! ;)

Which sparkling waters are ok in the uk?
I just bought some white tea which is alright so i think im going to drink that and try the peppermint and green tea

Try heating up a load of mint tea, putting in a couple of sweetners and then leaving to cool.. serve in a glass with ice.. tis lik a mint minty fresh drink.. especially for the summer months.. i know people who used to make pitchers (sp) of it..

x x
Unfortunatly my OH hates mint so i can only ever have mint tea at work but i have never tried it cold before i may have to see!

Thanks for the advice



Skinny Soon ?!
Red bush tea is really good to and just as hydrating as water. - your water count does not include coffee as it's got caffine in it which dehydrates you.
Offical guideline says you can have coffee as part of your water.. I think you would be bouncing off the ceiling though if you had 3 litres of coffee.. lol!
although i know what you mean..

x x


Skinny Soon ?!
Gosh yes you are right - just looked it up in my book.

My CDC and the one I had a few years back said I couldn't include it.

I bought some decaf cos I drink so much anyhow. What a bonus that means I must be upping my calorie free liquid by a litre a day I should think ha ha
lol.. yeah it changed last year i think.. =).. i always usd to drink green tea for mine.. its suprising the difference in weight loss i think..

x x
Ha ha Kitteh no he hates mint anything if i brush my teeth on a morning he wont kiss me goodbye lol!

When i was on weight watchers i used to buy stuff that he didnt like but he would eat it anyway cos he couldn't be bothered to make anything himself!

Obviously with this he doesnt have a choice although he did try a little nibble of the chocolate bar!

I tried redbush tea and i hate it its really wierd tasting maybe i need to give it another try since i bought 40 bags!!
aaaw bless you..!! lol.. my OH is a bit like that with vinegar.. after ive had vingear on something he wont come near me..! lol

x x x
I was sure I read a thread last month about the pefectly clear strawberry n kiwi, cause i bought a bottle 1st time round. I thought you could have it after the 2nd week

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