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Hey everyone, sorry i've been AWOL for a while! Its been hectic at work...

I thought I'd post a few Before and during pictures in my album.. You can see why I snapped and went on LT :)

Forgotten to update my sig in a while, but I started at 152 KG and i'm 120 KG right now after 10 weeks.

hi, it woulnt let me see your pics, you have had amazing weight loss every week, do you exercise as well x
thankyou :)

As I say, i haven't updated my sig in ages, but a total of just short of 80 lbs gone. so im a happy boy ;)
Wow hun, you are looking good!!!!! Keep up the good work!

Looking a cute as a button, what a difference! Well done !

thanks everyone =D

Hope you're all doing well also! Been yearning to refeed for xmas, but i'm going to stick with LT I think.. eep
looking goood keep up the good work

Your looking good hun well done!!! Bet your feeling loads better too,keep up the good work!!! Caz xx
Well done man, Im new here so cant see the pics yet but sounds like you're doing a great job.. motivation for me to go to pharmacy and set this ball rolling! :)
Definately Ollie.. If you stick to it the weight comes off in droves...
this is the best diet i've tried..and i think it's because there is no possibility for a "Cheat Day" - you need to get it in your mind that if you DO have a cheat day you're probably going to screw up your ketosis.. and obviously before and after pics are a massive incentive :)

If you need any help with anything just PM me on the forums.

p.s. I think my next batch of shakes i'm going to get the female shakes and see how they go, i've heard a few guys get them instead.

How do the mens shakes taste? heard some bad tales... only positives i've heard are "I'm able to drink them" there is never a wow factor!

I'm a newbie so cant pm or do anything really... so everything I say has to be in the forums! much to the probable annoyance to a lot of the people!
Well done your doing great x
You look fantastic Dave...well done!!! :D
Well done, what a big difference! :0clapper:
you look fantastic hun ,you must be so proud of yourself keep it up and try stick to it over xmas getting back on to vlcd is not easy its only 1 day you will have many more to look forward to .If you do decide to come off for xmas we will all be here for kicking your arse back into line lol