Pigs trotters forever????

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  1. Just Do It

    Just Do It Full Member

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    :confused: Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking but I've always wondered if when you get to goal your legs can be more normal.

    I mean, mine are like pigs trotters, when I'm getting ready for bed its like looking at the roast before I put it in the oven.

    20 years ago my taller, much thinner sister told me I would never have nice legs.

    I have always kept them hidden I can't bear my hubby or anyone to touch them.

    I'm detemined to get to goal to see what they are like underneath the extra stones of wobble.

    I know I won't be like Kylie or Beyonce but is there hope that they may resemble legs of a human???


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  3. pinkrose

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    so funny!!!

    I have never had 'nice' legs. I have cankles (calfs run into ankles). When i was slimmer they weren't even that nice funny Knees.

    My sister is about 8 stone ringing wet and even she has crap legs!

    At least it would be better to have crap slimmer legs though wouldn't it!!
  4. ponseta

    ponseta Full Member

    funny you say that, as I feel exactly tthe smae way.

    I have been fat all my life so only remeber having fat legs. Coincidently my mother used to refer to my legs as pig trotters if i ever wore a skirt. Nice

    Even though I have lost over 5 stone already, and I can see it coming off my face and stomach I cant see it coming off my legs.

    I dont ever envisage having thin legs or arms for that matter, but logic tells me if I get to 10 stone - im 5'7 (need to loose still over 4 stone), i must at that point have shapely arms and legs.

    It will be intresting to wait for someone who is at goal weight to come along and answer this question
  5. cmacca

    cmacca Full Member

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    If it helps when I was 9 stone I had OK legs, now I have backward legs, ie no visable knees and the thickest ankles ever !, I am hoping if I lose weight I may get some shape back in my legs. I used to wear shorts and remember actually wearing shorts out to a pub so they can't have been that bad, but now they look like toilet roll holders filled with corned beef !!!
  6. flirty40greeneyes

    flirty40greeneyes Busy busy busy!!

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    LOL we all have some part of our body we hate don't we??

    I'm sure as the weight comes off you will lose fat from your legs/ankles and have gorgeous pins to show off in little itsy bitsy shorts!
  7. Coley

    Coley Re-starter

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    Sorry chaps...the descriptions are amusing!! but t'is all very serious.

    I'm less than a stone from goal and my calves refuse to shrink. I will never fit in normal knee high boots.......think it's cause I did a lot of ballet till a few years ago? hardcore legs.

    I'm sure you will all have gorgeous legs when you are done but even if they aren't.....we can dress them well.:)
  8. Mollyzx

    Mollyzx Member

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    We all have body parts we hate (I hate my tummy and my second boobs between my boobs and belly)

    It doesn't help when people point these out to you though. :wave_cry:
  9. katie_oxo

    katie_oxo Silver Member

    Oh it's my thighs that I can't stand - can live with the rest of my legs but my thighs are awful.

  10. skinnyjan

    skinnyjan Full Member

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    I hate my tummy and hangy bit post 3 c sections!! Quite like my ankles actually!!!
  11. Janey

    Janey Intuitive Eater

    intuitive eating
    I've seen photos of people who have lost a lot of weight and discovered magical, beautiful legs. Have faith!!! :) :) :)
  12. Dom1979

    Dom1979 Gold Member

    Before LL, when I walked, my thighs looked like two pigs having a fight. And I couldn't get knee high boots to fit me, apart from in Evans, and as I hate that shop, I so wasn't buying them from there. I would only wear ankle length skirts, or skirts that were just below knee length.

    Now, they are far from perfect, but I now feel confident enough to wear mini skirts, and they no longer rub when I walk! Yay!
  13. pbfhpunk

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    My mum and nan both have quite chunky ankles and shapeless legs (sorry mum and nan!!) andI hope that my shifting some weight I can stop this happening to me, well stop it getting any worse!!

    I'm really looking forward to buying regular sized boots rather than having to pay much more for ones made to your calf measurement!!

  14. Heaven can wait

    Heaven can wait Silver Member

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    I bet they will look thinner and as you describedmore 'normal' , but I think with the old legs its genetics I'm afraid. I think legs good or bad def run in families, its quite a facinating subject once you start and it fair does my head in. You see really quite fat ladies who resemble apples on little thin shapely legs , and you get quite thin people with legs that would look better on someone 4 times bigger.
    I come from a long line of horrible legs , fat knees chunky ankles massive calfs and thats just the bits we dare show, thighs? dont even go there, dimpled like the surface of the moon and varicose veins, YUK!!!
    Good luck hope there is a nice pair there underneath!

    Even when I was thin my legs were def not best feature so if you steel yourself for them just being more trim you wont be dissapointed.
  15. Brightness

    Brightness Happily on CD

    Ugh my legs are and always have been, gross :p

    Even when I was 8 stone I could never get boots to fit me :( I have had thighs like a prop forward and knees like pit props all my life :rolleyes:

    Coley blames ballet and I blame horse riding. When I was a kid I was barely off a horse and it does things to your bum and legs. Not good things either :mad:

    If I could afford it, when I get to goal I would have that smart lipo on my bum and legs as I know I will need it ;) :D
  16. Bethany246

    Bethany246 Banned

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    Im not happy with my thighs they are flabby underneath that flab or fat will be muscle but i would love to have nice slim trim thighs i cant understand how some fat people have fat legs or thighs and then when they slim down they have nice trim thighs and you would not think they have been overweight ive seen pictures in slimming magazines . How do they do it i just want to get rid of this fat on my thighs once and for all so i can wear nice shorts and jeans when i get down .
    What is the answer to solve this big problem .
    Is it possible to get nice slim down thighs after had fat ones
    Hope so.
    It gets you down when you see nice slim people with nice trim toned legs .

    It makes you wonder how all this flabby skin can get back into shape . Surely when you have lost all the weight you want to do you will lose most of the flab but just dieting wont tone up your problem areas is this true
    Im really desperate to want to get rid of my flabby figure but how long will it take to get back in to shape
  17. Brightness

    Brightness Happily on CD


    I've got some slendertone shorts and when I can get into them I will be using them again. If I notice a vast difference I will let you know!
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  19. sonkie

    sonkie Gold Member

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    measure up

    Erm...yes...like all of it....!
    I hate my arms, bingo wings aint the word for these blighters. Then there are the sagging boobs, the belly being distorted by a huge hernia, then there will be loads of loose skin just hanging there.
    The backside still resembles the back end of a bus, the thighs well, lets just not go there.

    Well actually I quite like my hair.....!
  20. Kate

    Kate CDC/PT/PITA

    I love my big legs. They're solid muscle. I scare blokes in the gym with the weights I can squat.

    Bethany, absolutely, dieting alone isn't going to 'tone up' your problem areas - you need to exercise for that. How long it takes all depends on the exercise you do and how much of it you do (plus what you eat). The best thing to do is talk to a personal trainer about your goals and get them to fix you up with a personalised programme that suits what you want to achieve.
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