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ProPoints Piiiinksocks food diary

I'm going to try and keep this updated, to see if anyone has any tips for improvement, or can take ideas!

Bran flakes - 3
Skimmed milk 1/4 pint - 1

Curly wurly - 3
Banana - 0

Salad with balsamic vinegar and salad cheese - 2
Crustless quiche - 8
Sugar free jelly pot - 0

Carrot sticks - 0
Clementine - 0

Total so far: 17/29, no idea what to have for tea later but I'm going to try and get it within points!!
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I've lost 22.5lbs, and another 21 to go I think. Been going since march and I've lost my motivation now which I want back!!

Been a bit naughty tonight:

Ham - 2pp
Chips (steak cut oven cooked) - 6pp (guessed?!)
Egg x 2 - 4pp
Bread and butter - 6pp

Snacking on toast - 10pp

Total for day: 45/29.

No weeklies left as I went to a festival on the weekend and ate lots of rubbish!! Weigh in day tomorrow evening but I expect it'll be a gain!!
Not yet! He used the last batch for a very sugary (and still Sharp!) Rhubarb and Orange jam. I'm feeling more adventurous with food at the moment so I might try it soon!!

Food today:

Bran flakes - 3
Skimmed milk 1/4 pint - 1

WW Yogurt - 1
Banana - 0

Quorn tikka masala ready meal - 7
Sugar free jelly - 0

12/29 so far, leaving me with lots for tea! It's weigh in straight after work tonight so hopefully that's motivation for behaving when I get home... and my weeklies start again tomorrow!!
Thank you!! I'll need it .was thinking about the amount of cider I drank on the weekend (totally unnecessary, I wasn't drunk and only drank it because everyone else was!!) And that's going to put a major downer on today. I also can't have my 4pm carrot stick snack today :-(
Tea tonight was:

Pork chop - 6
Mash potato - 5
Philadelphia sauce - 2
Nobbly bobbly - 6

So 19/17 remaining... was supposed to go for a walk tonight to earn the extra points but I was too tired!!
Stayed the same this week, which the more I consider it the better I feel!! Gonna shift at least 1 this week though, m determined.

Today I have had:

Bran flakes - 3
Skimmed milk - 1

Banana - 0
Grapes - 0

Jacket potato - 5
Tuna - 3
Extra light mayo - 1
WW yogurt -1

Carrot sticks - 0

For tea my plan is pizza!! The low point home made kind, with whatever I find on my trip to Tesco!!

I'm getting some exam results at 5pm so will maybe buy myself some celebration/comiseration cornetto!! See how I feel when I get my pizza stuff later!!
I had 2 passes in my exams so felt I deserved rewarding!! Homemade pizza + garlic bread slices + cornetto!! Yum, yum. Went for a brisk walk and earnt 4AP yesterday too. This weekend could be tricky because I'm in "celebrate mood", but my weight watchers leader has organised a 7mile walk tomorrow and I'm going to walk into town today so hopefully that will help things!!
My bum is still sore from my very long walk on the weekend, less than 2 hours to do 7.5 miles!! I was a bit naughty though and ate through all my weeklies and have 4ap remaining till Thursday :-(

Todays food:

Bran flakes - 3
Milk - 1

Banana - 0

Salad (rocket, carrot, grapes, pepper, spring onion and cucumber, dressed with balsamic vinegar) - 0
Salad cheese - 2
Chicken - 2
WW yogurt - 1

Pear - 0

I have 20 points left for tea and I'm thinking about making a chicken and mushroom risotto with spring onion.

I'm going to think about a walk this evening, but my bum is in lots of pain still after Sunday!! So we'll see. 20pp seems too much to have left for tea but its because I'm having massive salads for lunch and eating less points!!


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hope your bum is feeling better now another walk should do the trick......don't worry about the weeklies that's what they are there for ...enjoy your tea ..whatever you have x
Bum is all better now, second walk did the trick.

Hectic week at work this week, lost 1.5lb :-D

Breakfast usual bran flakes and milk - 4

Went out for lunch today and had a smoked salmon salad. Counted that as about 12 (oily and had a couple of coupons!)

Had a bag of WW cookies - 2

Then my OH decided he wanted an Indian. I read tandoori was good as no creamy sauce... I had tandoori chicken ,2 onion bhagees, a few tbsps of Pilau rice and a poppadom. I've counted it at about 25.

So total: 43/29 ,14/49 weeklies used.

Going to try and get some exercise in this weekend... somewhere!!
I'm getting increasingly slack with this food diary... I lose interest in updating too easily. I'm still having a good read through everyone's diaries every few days mind!!

I made the gammon and egg pie that was in this months WW magazine tonight. Everyone, its soooo yummy, try it!! I then had Tesco light choices profiteroles which were also pretty good!!

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