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Plateaux - Fat Burning Exercises

Hi Everyone,

I've lost approx 2 stones over a period of approx 6 weeks, i am desperate to loose another stone but have noticed my weight is not reducing as much as before, infact over the past 4 days it hasnt changed. i am stuck on 15 stones 3 pounds and desperate to get into the 14's.

I am mixing between ss and ss+

I thought it may be related to my metabolism slowing right down, started drinking 4 cups of green tea a day and also introduced some exercising, mainly squats, lunges (till it burns) expecting to see some results i get frustrated when i see no changes on the scales.

Any ideas ?

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S: 15st0lb C: 14st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st6lb(2.86%)
Remember muscle weighs more than fat, doing weight-bearing exercises will be toning/developing muscle. How are your measurements? Sometimes they are a better indication of weight loss than stupid scales that don't show your fat loss.
Forgot to mention that i'm a male, i'm 6 ft tall. The only measurements i take are from the scales. I am really worried my metabolism has slowed down..


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As your weight reduces, your BMR reduces as well. This means that the "calorie defecit" that you are running at reduces, and therefore so does the weight losses. This is normal and unavoidable.

Be careful with "exercising until it burns" as that tends to be a sign of lactic acid build up, and the body retains water in order to correct such problems after exercise. By doinf this you run the risk of making the problem you see worse rather than better .... even though the additional weight is only water.

The body is a strange machine, and will only release the weight as fast as it wants to. A couple of years ago when I dumped 102 lbs I had a couple of weeks in about month 3 where my losses suddenly dropped off from the regular 4 lbs a week to 1 lb one week, and 0.5 lns the next. The next week I dropped 11 lbs, which was the same as my first week. I changed absolutely nothing.

Don't worry about what the scales are saying (easy to say I know, and I am just as bad when it happens to me). If you stick to the diet the weight will go, and be careful how far you push the exercise because it may be counter-productive w/ regard to weight loss though beneficial w/ regard to toning and lean body mass.
Steve, thanks for your insight, it makes sense.. I guess i'm impatient, i want things to happen quickly.

I don't want to be fully reliant on CD, i want to transition
into normal healthy eating with exercise asap.

My target is to get to 14 1/2 stones on CD and then switch
to low carb ( not very low carb ) diet with exercise to shed
another 1/2 stone (probably take longer than CD) but at least i will feel better with the increased activity and eating
somewhat normally.

I know i have the committent and determination to do it..



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If your goal is to get to exercising ASAP, why not come up the levels slightly so that you have som legal food intake and then exercise. 1000kcal is still a low intake, and if you are exercising and toning as well .....


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S: 24st7lb C: 14st7lb G: 13st7lb BMI: 27.5 Loss: 10st0lb(40.82%)
Hang strong, ive only lost about 8lbs in the last 2 months but i'm exercising 40 mins a day now and eating 1200 cals a day. I know that although the weight isnt flying i'm getting myself in far better shape and everything is balancing up.
You weight the same now as when mine slowed up, and I certainly felt like yourself when it slowed but youve just gotta be patient, it will happen but the worst thing you can do is get depressed over it.
Might sound odd but try 810, you will have 200 more calories of energy to try and work off which should in turn speed your metabolism etc

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