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has anyone else plattowed?? Even spelt right? ha ha....
Ive been doing it for 3 months now and only lost 5 pounds. Plattowed for nearly 3 weeks now. Dont go to class , do it online.

My typical diet is:

B: yoghurt and fruit inc banana
Snacks: 2 cereal bars (HXB) and fruit and maybe a yoghurt
lunch: JP and cheese (HXB) and salad and fruit.
Dinner: fish and stir fry or fish and salad or fish and veg or quorn and veg (dont eat meat!!!)
Then have 10 syns a day.
Fluids is water in the day and sugar free squash in the evenings......
Only exercise once a week at aerobic class.

Got to keep going tho..... i do only have a stone to loose tho so maybe coming off slowely??
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My first thoughts are you measuring your cheese and i think you mean your cheese is a healthy extra a as it looks like you are doing extra easy so only get one a and one b. It is very easy to over eat cheese if you are guessing.

Do you go to group? If so show your consultant a dairy or start a diary here and faithfully fill it in and ask for comments.

Good luck



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I just had to read this thread to figure out what plattowed meant!

I'm guessing you mean plateaued (computers mean I'm never without a dictionary when posting online)

Its really not clear from your post which plan you are following.

I would guess green as you say you dont eat meat and you seem to have two HEBs. If that is the case, then are you weighing your fish?

There are no measurements in your post, so as Derbynanny says, make sure you measure your cheese. You can eat more if you get the reduced fat versions (42g per HEX rather than 28g - Cathedral City lighter is just as nice as "proper" cheese.

You say you have "two cereal bars" as a HEXB - only Alpen light or most recently, the Aldi "Mornflake, less than 70 calories" bars are 2 for a healthy extra - if you are counting any different cereal bars then they arent HEx and are synned.

Are you sure you are recording everything? If you are doing green then where is your HEXA? Where are you carbs aside from the jacket potato you only say veg, I assume you arent including potatoes in that)

To me that seems a desperately small amount of food if anything, which makes me wonder if you are forgetting to write down everything.

You also say "10 syns a day" but dont tell us what that is made up of - do you know its 10 syns, or are you guessing?

5lbs in 3 months doesnt seem much at all for that kind of eating, so i'm wondering if you've missed something

Also, if you arent going to class -where and when are you weighing? Do it once a week, same time, same place and preferably in a chemist or somewhere where they have very accurate scales, home scales can vary greatly.


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sorry if i wasnt too clear!! The cheese is measured because i dont even like cheese or milk so definately dont eat over that. Oh im on extra easy because couldnt eat too much more cheese!!! ha ha!! And as for the veg and fish that sometimes includes potatoes but if i think ive had too many carbs then ill just have lots of veg!! Sometimes tho i would have rice or couscous...... i dont think eating a lot of carbs helps me tho!!!!
as for the weighing i weigh at home every week in the morning when i get up!!
Im so confused what more i can do..... should i eat more carbs then??? Bizarre!!! thankyou for your help xxxxx

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Hi there, are you doing just EE or are you varying it with green/red too. When you do EE are you managing to have one third of your plate consisting of veg/salad? You need to have a balance of carbs and protein, and superfree foods, plus syns. Keep on going you will get there hun:D