PLEASE HELP!! Is Tandoori Chicken & Lamb Kebabs ok when low carbing??

Discussion in 'Low Carb Diets' started by That's_So_Fetch, 6 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. That's_So_Fetch

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    Hi all, i was just wondering if these are ok to eat when low carbing. I am not on any particular phase of Atkins, i am just trying to reduce my carbs to get back onto CD SS (3 packs = 43.2g Carbs) to prevent the carb withdrawal symptoms. I am awful at cooking and i want to get them from the takeaway/restaurant to have as a treat to break my fast (its ramadan at the mo for me).

    I have been researching about this and the majority state that this is ok to have as well as tandoori shrimps and butter chicken, but i am not too keen on them.

    I am thinking of asking the takeaway/restaurant manager/workers about the carb content of the paste they put on the chicken but i dont want to make a big deal out of it and look silly, lol.

    I would appreciate your thoughts ASAP as i plan to low carb for the next 4-5 days and then back onto SS.

    Thank you :) xx

    ps. Is cinnimon ok to have when low carbing??I cant seem to find its carb content. Thanx
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  3. Dancing

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    there is no way of knowing without knowing what is used by the people you buy these from. I would expect the amount of carbs in the kebab to be quite low (relatively speaking) even if they use onion and breadcrumbs ... so maybe if you do eat it, lower your veg/salad carbs by, say, 6 carbs and you would be ok, probably (I'm obviously assuming no pitta is being eaten). Tandoori? ... well, even if it does have sugar, etc ... the amount on there would be small also. So again, if you must have it, reduce your veg/salad carb content just to be on the safe side.

    Hope this helps a little
  4. sun

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    hi, agree with dancing and cinammon is ok

    sue x
  5. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Thank you for your replies ladies. I am hoping to have tandoori chicken tonight to open my fast and was abit worried about the carb content. I dont intend on having much salad with it (maybe a few lettuce leaves) but i might enquire about what they put on it when i go to buy it. I'm not too sure about the kebabs, i might have one if i feel like it.

    I am managing to keep my carbs to below 35g a day so i am hoping that it wont be to bad when i switch to CD which is about 42g per day.

    I was just wondering does anyone have any ideas of a low carb meal i can have in the eveining that i can buy from the shop or is easy to make. I cant buy the ready cooked meat things because they aren't halal and chicken breast has been makin me feel a bit sickly.

    I was thinking maybe chicken wings or nuggets??

    Thank you xx
  6. raven123

    raven123 Member


    I don;t do cooking but if you used tandoori powder and a bit of lemon juice added to vff yoghurt you could marinade your own chicken. This would then be ok on the diet. Not sure about the lemon juice but it will stil be less damaging than shop bought.

    I have had a chicken seekh kebab from an asian takeaway and that was nice with salda or masala fish as long as its grilled. Generally the places that are the grill type places will be better. Its worth asking them what they use and say that you ahve allergies otherwise they might think you are trying to sneakily get the recipe.! lol!

    I got a bit fed up of having cottage cheese and tuna saldas etc. Once in a while its nice to have something spicy.

    In desperation I have also had quorn with curry powder added.

    Let me know how you get on.

    The only problem with all this water is needing the loo. lol!!

    BTW what you doing for breakfast?
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  7. That's_So_Fetch

    That's_So_Fetch Gold Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hi Raven, thank you for your reply,. I like the idea of the massala fish, i'll have to enquire about that at the local takeaway. I did have tandoori yesterday for Iftari and i didnt like it at all, i just cant seem to eat the chunky boti, i just feel sick, so not having that again. I am really sick of eating chicken and fish at the mo so i have been thinking about changing my meal plans.

    At the mo for Sehri i am having:
    >Tuna Salad (Tuna/Low Fat Mayo/Lettuce leaves)
    > Ready Brek (Kiddies portion/made with water/no sugar or anything in it/17.6g carbs)
    >Sometimes i will have a pot of sugar free jelly (0.3/0.4g carbs)
    >I try to drink about 1/2 litre in the morning.

    >Tandoori chicken or chicken of some sort or Quorn (before Thravee prayers)
    >Pot of sugar free jelly (after Thravee prayers)
    >1.5-2 litres water

    I am thinking of changing this to:
    Sehri :
    >Small Chapatti and bit of handi (because everything else makes me feel sick)
    >Small pot of Jelly
    > maybe 1 CD Shakes
    >Tuna salad ( i used have at iftari)
    >pot of jelly or
    >1/2 CD shakes
    > Try for 2 litres of water

    I want to keep it low carb untill the end of the week because i want to switch to CD SS on saturday night of Sunday morning as i am anti-biotics at the mo.

    Sorry for the long post but i thought i would fill you in. I have read your meal plans in the other thread about ramadan and might pinch a few meal ideas for myself, lol. But i really am so sick of fish and chicken and even quorn :(

    I am finding drinking the water difficult because i can manage about 2 litres in the evening but then i have to go loo and do my wudhu several times during thravee and then i am up all night so i dont sleep much before getting up at 3am. Then if i drink in the morning i am going loo all morning and end up gettin up late.

    I wish could just eat what i wanted and get through this month ok. This ramadan is proving difficult, not the eating part but the lack of sleep.

    OH MY GOSH, Look at the time, i need to go bed.

    Speak to you soon :) xx
  8. raven123

    raven123 Member

    Hi hun

    I know what you mean re the tiredness. I think thats the worst thing.

    with the water I would try and stop drinking at 9pmish so that you can get some decent sleep.

    On the meal front I find the weetabix is low cal etc and also helps with a cambridge side effect!! I do use sweetener tho - splenda which makes it easier to swallow.

    You do well to have a salad in the morning I am not awake enough to sort out anything too complicated.
    Its a while since I di sole source but I am sure you can have mushrooms, cottage cheese cauliflower broccoli etc. Strictly speaking I think they advise against quorn fillets but I have used two grilled in my Foreman, sprinkle with seasoning then make a raita with virtually fat free yoghurt with cucumber chopped in. I haven't tried cooking the fillets any other way such as yoghurt and tandoori powder. Can also have the fillets on a bed of salad, or serve with steamed veg like cauli, broccoli etc. . I also do cottage cheese salad, tuna salad and chicken salad. I have bought cayenne pepper, balsamic vinegar and some schwartz salad seasoning which just vary the taste of the meals.

    Breakfast wise could you stomach adding your cereal to half a vanilla sachet? Thats a way of getting your packs in. Or make half into a hot drink. I would definitley recommend a frozen choc tetra. mmm

    Good luck and keep going you're doing well.
    I got to 10st 7 today which is one of my goals. Not sure how much more I should lose.
  9. Mrjayahmed

    Mrjayahmed New Member

    I am in the same situation. I don't know what to do. I know this is an old thread but if you are still active please help. How has it gone for you? It's ramadan now and I'm so paranoid about what's got carbs in it and what hasn't. Helppppp
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