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Please share your infinite wisdom!!

Ladies, I need your advice.

I am getting married in August 2008 and have chosen this dress... god, sorry massive pic, and it's not me in it.

My dilemma is, to save a few pennies (Ok, almost £900) I'm buying it from a US dealer. I'm delaying ordering it for as long as poss as I want to shift my spare tyre(s). Originally nasty dress ladies said I was about a size 22-24 (bearing in mind I was wearing size 14 jeans that day), and I'd "never get below a size 16, not even if I lost 3 stones"!!!
I'm determined to be in a size 14 or less!!
But I'm worried if I leave it too long I wont be able to get it through the dealer, or worse still, it wont arrive in time. :(
Should I just buy a size 12 or 14??? How many inches are you all seeing fall away?
Sorry, probably a pointless post, just panicking!!
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dont worry about the size, my sister in law got married in a size 12 dress, when she's usually 8-10 and about 8st!!! Can't you buy it in a size 16, to be safe, and get someone over here to make alterations if and when necessary?
I guess, but they can be taken in 2sizes max because of the boning in the bodice apparently.

my measurements are currently 39", 32" & 42" (bust, hips, waist)

here is the size chart:

I'm sort of 14 to 16 now, and oping to lose about 3stone before the big day so wondering what would be 'safe' to allow in inches. Bearing in mind I've just started a VLCD and have till August next year.
have just read post back and realised I am being a numpty...

I think I should just bite the bullet and order the 14, as will have plenty of inches before it would be too big even if taken in!


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I've been doing lipotrim for nearly 6 weeks. I've lost 3.5 inches from bust, 3 inches from waist, 3.5 inches from hips and 1.5 inch of each thigh.........the inches will drop off......as long as you stick to the diet. I've gone from a size 16 to a size 14. You should do it no problem.

I'd order a 14. The incentive is there then isnt it, you will not cheat.

Just to say the dress is beautiful.....you'll look fab.
Pony, cant PM you cos you arent accepting PMs! I'm a qualified designer/couturier of wedding gowns, just wanted to run through some details with you so you can order the right size.... email me if you'd like some professional advice!!

[email protected]
Thanks Elle, you have mail!


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Will leave the advice to the experts (ie Elle) but fab dress!
I agree the dress is beautiful but the advice I cannot give!! You are georgeous anyway so no matter what size you are you are going to be lovely! I know though that if you are not happy with the way you look then it will annoy you on the day though! x
I also agree with everyone, get the professional advise from Elle,
but I did want to share a story with you about a girl from work, who got married this year she was ON and OFF the for a few months but she also bought her dress from the US and saved €2000, she was able to drop to a size 10 and still had room so
she brought it for allterations, her dress was fab and she looked great on the day ( So Slim but Curvy) Beautiful like a princess

Anyway hope I didnt bore you all to tears...:cry::eek:

PS :The dress is beautiful....Im sure you will look great on the day like a princess 2!!!
Beyootiful dress, hun! I'd deffo order it soon (I got my dress - teeny!! - last Easter and I'm not getting married for yonks! lol). It's a huge motivation to know you have to slim down to get into a skinny dress and think how doubly fantastic you will feel on the day when you hit your target!

Thanks for the feedback.

On Elle's expert advice I'm going to be mega brave and order a 12.

So then I'll have to keep up with CD!

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