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Post Binge Fallout - any words of encouragement?


In it to win it.
I had a 24 hour binge on Sunday - with lots of alcohol and junk food involved - my weight has shot up from 12-11 to 13-3 when I got on the scales today! I'm hoping it'll all water/glyogen stores. So annoyed as I not have to get into ketosis again. Why did I do it :-(

I had a fallout with the OH - and as always I turned to food for comfort. My friend asked me our for some drinks - and I thought "what the heck, I'm no longer in ketosis, so I may as well". And here I am! Really feel like I've let myself down.

Anyone else done this before? Does the weight come off quick?
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Why Be Normal?
I think almost all of us have done this a time or two or three...

It does come back off quickly and has you were out of ketosis so briefly you should slide back into it easily. It is more likely water retention from the salt in the rubbish food, and needing to flush your system. Make sure you drink all your water steadily through out the day, and having three cups of green tea might be beneficial.

Looking at your stats, you've done well and are at a heathly bmi --so, learning how manage food and drink is something you really should be working on ATM.

Also, don't take your frustration, anger, etc. with your OH out on your own body. I recommend writing your OH an email, letter, etc. -- then not sending it, but looking it over (and maybe even rewriting it) the next day and so forth... until you get to the point where you can either let it go, or have figured out how to dicuss things productively.

Good Luck... you'll be fine.



In it to win it.
Ah that's good to know - hope it will go quickly. Drinking lots of water today.

I definitely need to learn to take out my frustrations in another way - and not food - that's how I got here in the first place.

I've wrote a few notes on my phone's notepad. I've got a list of reasons about what I like about being slimmer, some hints and listing all the points I hate about being on a VLCD to try and discourage me from doing it again :)


Why Be Normal?
Good move -- then you can look it over for inspiration, and add to it as things come to you.

Hi Borntofly

I thought you might find this helpful.. I posted it before xmas. Breaking the binge cycle and learning how to recognise what I am feeling, why, and actually deal with those feelings rather than swallow them has been one of the hardest but also the most rewarding parts of this journey for me. You have to try and give yourself a moment to pause when you feel that desire to food to question yourself about what is really going on. Start writing.. you may still binge anyway but over a period of weeks you will be able to look back on your writing and see how you are getting better and better at learning to deal with your feelings rather than eating them to silence them.

(from an e-newsletter I get).

Never binging again is possible but the biggest mistake that people who binge make is saying to themselves, "I'll never binge again!" Yet, we all do it. The food is finished and then we promise ourselves that it will never happen again. Even though almost everyone that binges says that to themselves, it sets you up for self-hatred, guilt and failure. You see, no one that ends a pattern of binging does it cold turkey. You don't decide to stop and then never binge again. It's just not how ending a pattern of binging works. That's because the binge serves a very important purpose. It makes you feel better emotionally. So, if you're committed to never binging again what are the signs along the way the signify that you're succeeding:

*More time between binges (even something small for example, I used to binge every other day and now only do it every third day)
*Shorter binges (My binges used to last two days, now they only last an hour)
*Binges on smaller amounts of food (I used to eat a gallon of ice-cream, now I eat half a pint)
*The ability to stop a binge in the middle (I used to not even realize I was having a binge till it was over, now I can stop myself in the middle)
*Forgiving yourself more quickly after a binge ends (I don't talk to myself in a mean way when I binge, I have compassion for myself)
*Bouncing back more quickly when a binge happens (in other words recommitting to understanding and stopping your binge pattern)
*Understanding what feelings set off the binge (I was able to see that I had the binge after I had a fight with my boss)
*The ability to see a binge coming (even if you can't stop it yet)

Being able to acknowledge the small successes along the way is a really important step on the road to recovery. It can be all too easy to see how far you still need to go and forget how far you've already come. Ending a binge pattern is hard work but you can do it. One day you might not binge at all but it won't happen by making a declaration, it will happen by being loving to yourself and staying aware. So, don't say, "I'll never binge again." Instead, take it one gentle step at a time. Remember, you're looking for progress, not perfection.
awwww no! it's hard when you have emotional problems. it's hard to keep to it, to ignore the call of food and drink.

mop it up with plenty of water and respect yourself and your body. get back on plan asap no side tracks. it will 99% be water weight rather than food weight. alcohol can make you retain water and it contains daft amounts of calories.

find a way of kicking butt without food. i turn to exercise 95% of the time and the other 5% is food/drink. i am not without my problems but 5% isn't too bad. i'm working on my 5%! :)


In it to win it.
Thanks for the replies guys - hopefully I'll not have set myself back too much :) still a week til weigh in so hopefully I'll have a good loss between now and then :)

Got 4 long days at work coming up so that will surely burn some calories :)
Gosh yes!!!

Weekend before the one just gone I binged like a mad woman and gained 8lbs

After 6 days I've lost 12lbs so it does come off quick again
I feel it's positive as not only has it restarted my weightloss but I have a new found confidence in the diet and me

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