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Post Natal Weight Loss

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
There are a few of us who are hoping / planning and trying to lose weight after our babies have arrived. We thought it would be nice to have a thread within the pregnancy board where we know everyone and can support each other through weight loss while recovering from having our baby, and / or breast feeding etc.
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Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Ok. my intro -
Catrin is now 3 weeks old (and 3 days).. I'm breast feeding exclusively so need to remember this in my weight loss plans. At the moment my weight loss for 2010 is 'planned' rather than in action.. so first step is to get ready for losing weight.

Current Weight: 214.5lbs
Initial Goal: 199lbs
Hi Girls

I always knew I was going to bottle feed so the plan was to do CD after the baby, unfortunately I felt this gave me a free reign to eat anything whilst pregnant thinking to myself 'It's ok will be doing cd when I've had baby and will lose it again'.

I hadn't realised you had to wait 3 months after giving birth before you were allowed to do CD, so that meant I couldn't start until 14th November. I did cut down my food intake and stopped snacking between meals and managed to lose a stone before then. When the time came to start Cd I thought is there much point in starting now with Xmas coming and all the nights out etc, so I decided I would start in January. Well the stone I lost has gone back on and I'm back to square one lol.

I'm starting CD on 18th Jan. I know it's gonna be tough but I so want to be back in all my lovely clothes, that's gonna be my motivation.

Anyway sorry to ramble on.

We've lost weight before so we can do it again!

Here's to a slimmer 2010.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Great to see you here - You'll get there on CD for sure, and much quicker than other diets.. beware though.. lol there are a few of us with CD babies. ;)

Also a lot of xmas weight won't be hard to shift :) That's what I keep telling myself! lol
I haven't gained over xmas but haven't lost either so not sure what that means... I have eaten whatever I want so perhaps I have lost and gained.. If that makes sense.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Bless Grace being a CD baby.. so is Catrin! :p:D
had to lol at the enjoyment without the worry! lol sounds good to me now but Dh is worried over the snip.. call him chicken - that's what I do! :rolleyes: No way am I getting 'done'..don't fancy a major op.
I must admit there is still that part of me that would love another.. despite the sleepless nights etc, but we have to be practicle and realise 3 girls in a 3 bed house is enough! lol Anymore and we'll be shooting ourselves in the foot - I never thought I'd want more than one 10 years ago! lol

Well have managed to come back from the horse yard, and have a cuppa tea for warmth.. without a handful or 2 of biscuits! :D definately and improvement.

My yard owner / riding instructor mentioned I was slimming down after baby now too - I had to laugh as am SQUEEZING into my biggest jeans and winter coat but it was lovely of her to say so! lol Just can't wait to have to put my jeans away because they're too big! :)
This thread has helped already to get my mind onto weight loss.


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Hey Girls

Thought i would come along and join you

Congrats on yr little bundles

Kacey is a cd baby too, I was bf and gave up on Monday to get back on the diet, Im getting weighed tomorrow so cant wait to see the results.

Looking forward to chatting with you both x
my little bundle was a cd baby too....in that i had tried every other diet and if i hadn't lost 4 stone i wouldnt have even tried to conceive.

need to look at what i am eating, to do this i am also writing a food diary on my minimins blog,hoping that this will make me more conscious of what i am eating. right have to go baby needs nappy change! willwrite something later
Morning girls

I have managed to loose 15lb woo hooo

Martine xx


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just nosing in to see how you guys are doing. this is something i'm already really worried about as i'm gaining like nobody's business. here's hoping i have a really hungry baby!!

abz xx

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Loves weight.. training!
Oisin - welcome! and well done getting so far on the bf front too :) Also fab news on the 15 loss!! I'm jealous! lol
Be careful darling they do have reasons behind it. If you are going to do it sooner than 3 months make sure you have stopped bleeding before you do start. Your body has been through a great deal with the pregnancy and the birth. I hope I don't sound patronising, just wouldn't want you to be poorly with it.

Purple Hugs

Loves weight.. training!
Kirsty, can I suggest Slim fast in the meantime? That way you'd have a meal of an evening etc. I did it for a week before CD and it was great.
Also agree with waiting till you've stopped bleeding - you don't want to be ill and I have only just stopped bleeding at just under 4 weeks so it can linger. ((hugs))

Well not been eating perfectly.. but hoping not too bad! lol must try harder.. and will weigh on Sunday morning as planned.
Well this it! Start CD today, I'm excited and dreading it lol.

Had a real busy weekend, had a girls night in with my friends on Friday, Saturday we had family over fo a meal few drinks and some fun on the wii, then yesterday took dd1 to see Mamma Mia the musical. Not the best way to ease myself into CD lol.

I know if I can get through the first few days I'll be fine. Gonna keep myself busy got loadsa ironing to catch up on and the food shop to do today.
Lisa Marie, Hows your first day back on cd been hun
Do you have much to Lose Kirsty?

Well here I am day 4. I'm in ketosis so hopefully I'll be ok now. Glugging water like it's running out of fashion.

Feeling really positive, I'm definately in THE ZONE!.

Seeing my CDC on Saturday morning, so won't be quite a week for my first weigh in. I lost 6lb in my first week the last time I done cd so hopefully it will be at least that this time.:fingerscrossed::fingerscrossed:

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