problem help needed pls


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When Im night shift I start my day when I get up. So Id have one when I get up, and then 2 packs at work :)


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Hi starlight thanks for the advice, i will be up from 7am in th morning tomorrow until 8am follieing morning with a couple of hours nap thrown in. Just worried tgat i will have burned out by 1am :(


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i have my night shifts friday, saturday and sunday from 19:00-07:30am. i normally have my first shake around 3pm as i can go that long without anything in morning and i have one at around 8pm and last one at around 01:00-02:00 am. and when i wake up after my sleep, its around 4pm, then i have them at 6pm, 11pm and 04:00am. its always worked out fine for me.