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Purple123's diary

I've been struggling lately so hoping an online food diary will help. Any comments would be welcome

Yesterday I had green day:

breakfast - weetabix (b)with milk (a), banana, tea

lunch - cheese (a) and cucumber sandwich (Bread - b)
apple and muller yoghurt

dinner - vegetable lasagne with salad

snacks - french fries crisp - 4 syns
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Extra easy day

Breakfast - mushrooms, cherry tomatoes on toast (b), tea
Lunch - Jacket potato, beans, cheese(a), apple, water
Dinner - Tandoori duck with salad
raspberries and strawberries with yoghurt

Syns - ginger nut biscuit - 2.5
fruit scone - 8.5
Green day

Breakfast - omelette, toast (6), raspberries, blueberries and strawberries, tea
Lunch - Vegetable soup, prawns and salad, apple, water
Dinner - quorn sausages (2 syns), mash, peas

Syns - cashew nuts - 8
chocolate mallow - 3
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Green day

Breakfast quorn sausages and beans with toast (b), tea (a)
Snack - fruit salad
Lunch - spinch, pea and mint soup, ryvita cracker bread (b), apple
Dinner - rice with black eye bean curry, water, mango

syns - quorn sausages - 2
curly wurly - 6
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Red day

Breakfast - mixed berries with muller yoghurt and 28g allbran golden crunch (b)
Lunch - mackerel pate, crudies, wholemeal crackerbread (b), apple, water, fruit tea
Dinner - turkey and vegetable stir fry, grapes
milk (a) used in tea
french fries (4)
curley wurley (6)
Green day

Breakfast - all bran (b) with milk (a), tea, mixed berries
lunch - salad, apple, water, fruit tea
dinner - jacket potato, cheese (a), chickpea curry, water

olives - 1 syn
flapjack - 9 syns
reduced fat houmous - 4

went to a zumba class today was great fun need to keep up with exercise weigh in tommrow ekkk!
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breakfast - weetabix (b), muller yoghurt, fruit, tea (a)
lunch - mackerel pate, crudites, ryvita crackerbread, apple
dinner - spinach canelloni (10 syns), salad, hi fi bar (3), water
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Red day

breakfast - weetabix minis (b), Milk (a), fruit salad
lunch - ham sandwich (b), potatoe waffles (10 syns), ketchup (1 syn), salad, grapes
dinner - pork, potatoes, onion,green beans, apple, muller yoghurt
Green day

breakfast - melon, strawberries, grapes
lunch - macaroni cheese (a) with salad, fruit tea
dinner - tomato soup, bread (b), water, tea (a), all bran golden crunch (b)
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Green day

breakfast - weetabix (b) with fruit and yoghurt, tea (a)
lunch - jacket potato, cheese (a), beans, salad
watermelon and grapes, hi fi bar (b)
dinner - macaroni cheese and salad

syns - freddo 5 syns
Extra easy day

breakfast - weetabix, strawberries, yoghurt, tea
lunch - jacket potato, chilli, cheese (a), grapes, tea
dinner - salad with quorn light bites, water

quavers - 4
freddo - 9
milk - 3
lost 2lbs this week whoop whoop!
Thanks Hannah
Green day

Breakfast - all bran (b), milk(a), mixed berries, tea
Lunch - baked bean and cheese (a) toastie (b), apple
Dinner - pasta with tomato sauce, salad, water, tea

ryvita sweet chilli thins - 4.5
muller fruit corner - 5.5
wethers original - 3
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Breakfast - fruit, yoghurt, all bran golden crunch (b), tea (a)
Lunch - potato waffle (5 syns), beans, egg
Dinner - butternut squash soup with bread (b)

Syns - freddo (5)
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Breakfast - mixed berries, yoghurt, all bran golden crunch (b), tea
Lunch - cheese layered pasta salad, apple, tea
Dinner - Pea and mint rissotto, water

french fries - 4
wispa - 10.5
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0.5lb off this week just 1.5lb to lose this week to finally get my 1 stone award!
breakfast - yoghurt, fruit and allbran golden crunch (b), tea (a)
lunch - meatloaf, coslaw, gherkins, apple, diet coke
dinner - soup

ketchup - 2
mayo - 2
Haven't done a diary for a while now been away this week and have been maintaining again in previous weeks. So really need to stay on plan this week. So going to do diary again this week.

Yesterday - extra easy day
breakfast - mushrooms on toast (hexb), tea (hexa) mixed berries
lunch - homemade chicken noodle soup (was really yummy!)
grapes, water
dinner - sw chips, salad, fish fingers

yoo yoghurt - 6
fishfingers - 6
today's meals - extra easy day

breakfast - omelette, bread (hexb) tea, mixed berries
lunch - tuna salad, satsumas, fruit tea
dinner - is going to be cottage pie topped with swede,carrot, potato and cheese *hexa mash served with green beans,diet coke, tea

brownie and starwberries - 9
milk- 2
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