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Put on 3lb overnight??


Excited about the new me!
OMG.. I am totally dumbfounded.. :confused: :(. I weighed myself this morn on home scales after I'd got dressed (only tshirt and leggings) and weighed 3lb more then I did at WI on Tues morn.. how on earth can that be :cry:??

Was more the 100% yest and had gone down to 5 syns as have an eve planned on Fri so saving syns for a cpl of vodka and diet cokes, but stuck to EE, had more SF food then the 1/3 plate rule too :eek:!

Has demoralised me a little as now feel that even lowering my syns has made me gain.. I so need a loss next week of at least 3lb from this weeks WI, and really doesn't look good now :confused:.

Anyone else had this?
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Devon Dolce

1lb at a time!
That's why you should only weigh in at official weigh ins or on your designated weigh in day!!!

Don't let it get to you hun, carry on plan and it will come off again! xxx
"step away from those scales" :8855:
Your body fluctuates all day long every day ...up n down up n down
SO you haven't gained 3lbs....could you get hubby to hide the scales?
It sounds like these extra readings you get through the week might lead to you cutting back and it really won't help..
Come on -you are doing really well..don't let the scales distract you :D


Excited about the new me!
Thanks for your words Devon, Capricorn and Bunnie. I've been taking northistorone for almost a year now, which means i don't have periods, but still get the bloatedness each month and it may also be down to that. But will def chuck those rotters of scales out now! ;) x


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TBH I never worry about what I weigh at home for at least a few days after WI. I weight myself at home too - first thing and before bed (which I know is a bad habit to have but I've learnt that I often fluctuate quite a lot for a few days after WI day. I think there are various factors like did you get weighed in the morning before you ate anything (I know many ppl seem to do this) and then weighed yourself this morning having had a big breakie and a few cups of tea/coffee/water etc. You've been 100% carefull so don't worry and keep at it, everything will be fine next week :)
Oh I just thought of another thing - there will most likely be a difference between the official WI scales and your ones at home, maybe this is it? I know I'm 2lb out sometimes at home so only use the home ones as a rough guide :)

big bear

A bear on a mission!
You'll do really well. There are loads & loads of spiders in the shed so make sure you don't go there! :8855:

Stick with it & NEVER weigh yourself before WI day/night.

BB xxxx


Never gets tired of SW!
I don't even own any scales EF!! I know what I'd be like, hopping on and off a hundred times a day, obsessing, worrying, getting hopes up, having hopes dashed!! It's not worth it for me and my obsessive personality!! It would be destructive! I'm going to treat myself to a good set when I reach target and only then!! As the other chicks have said, your bodyweight fluctuates naturally throughout the day, and indeed week, which is why we're meant to weigh on the same day and at the same time each week! Please don't let it panic you or get you down, the important thing is that you're making overall progress and enjoying what you're doing and the positive changes you're noticing!!XXX
The hop on hop off weighing syndrome is something I am guilty of and as everyone has said the variences during one day are incredible. I shall follow your example and will just get weighed once a week.

Stick with it !!!

I think this fellow escaped from your garden shed !!!
You are welcome to him...............consider him a gift !!!

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