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Scan Bran Fan!!!


is working hard.....
I have finally conquered my fear of Scan Bran! I actually really do like them and have had 2 whole packs during this week for 4 of my HEB :D

I like to spread with 2 tbsp of pickle between them for 2 syns, plus a HEA of 2 slices of LowLow cheese, cut into strips and shared over the 5x SB's.

Takes an age to munch of an evening, and I need to have a big drink with it, but they are keeping the munchies at bay and everything regular!

I'm a Scan Bran Fan - anyone else?! :D
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Me too love them, funnily enough had them yesterday with laughing cow extra light trianges and tbsp branston and loads of pickled beetroot on the side ... very tasty, crunch and takes ages to eat.
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Are these only available from SW consultants? I slim from home, but in saying that have bad memories of scan bran and their cardboard taste... :rolleyes:



is working hard.....
I get mine in Holland and Barrett - I think there is a buy one get one half price offer on at the moment too (well thats what that Blue Peter chap said on the advert!!).



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Another Scan Bran fan here! :wave_cry:

Used to eat them just with LC Cheese, pickles etc; however, I have recently experimented with making cakes with it which (IMO) are lush!

As long as you drink plenty of water, they have desired effect :p


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Oat Bran, which I believe is roughly the same thing, is also available in Waitrose as well.

I get mine in Holland and Barrett - I think there is a buy one get one half price offer on at the moment too (well thats what that Blue Peter chap said on the advert!!).



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I like them. I spread mine with low fat cheese spread triangles & either top with cooked mushrooms or sliced banana. Had two for my brekkie this morning with sliced banana. I find they really do fill me up until lunch time.


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Cupcake I'm a huge fan of it - I love the scan bran cake! That's the best way to eat it. I also like it with light laughing cow and smoked salmon :) not quite a toasted bagel but it does the trick. I'm convinced it's helped me have bigger losses too as there have been weeks I've lost 3 - 5lbs and had eaten scan bran cake once or twice during that week! So give it a shot if you haven't tried it!
Bought a few packs about a month ago, made fererro rochers the first evening and they were okayyyy, I didn't mind them as I knew they were 1.5syns each compared to the real stuff and so I was happy eating them, the rest of the family couldn't be fooled! Not used the other pack yet, still in the cupboard... May get some LC cheese to have them with this weekend and try to boost my loss! Might aswell grab some Ryvita too, while I'm at it :) x


Will be thin god dammit!!
I havent tried it due to horror stories - are they really crunchy like ryvita?
I had them when I used to go to class and wasn't that fussed either way. No worse than ryvita IMO. Wouldn't go out of my way to go to H&B for them - I like to get all my food shopping done in a weekly supermarket sweep, avoids the 'I have to buy some salad' after-work shop that inevitably ends in salad but £10 of naughtiness too.
I prefer to use my HexB on a fibre plus bar...which with lots of water does the job pretty well AND has chocolate in. Double whammy :)


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I have recently become a fan and am eating scan bran with fat free pineapple cottage cheese as I read this. I like ryvita as well, but I definitely find the scan bran more filling.


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I think I'm going to give these a try next time I pass a H&B!
I make the ginger cake with them and it's lovely imho. I lose weight better the weeks I eat plenty of scan bran than the weeks I don't!

Tracy xxxx

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