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ScaryMarys journey to skinnydom!

Hello everyone,

Just popping in to say a quick hello. Its my birthday tomorrow and Im also starting slimfast tomorrow! Brave or what eh! I have a smoothie for brekkie, a bar for lunch and Ill have fruit for my snacks. Dinner will be meat and veg.

Im excited and nervous if you know what I mean!
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hello and welcome ScaryMary. This diet is quite easy to follow, I have been doing it for two full weeks now, and I love it! I think your very brave starting on your birthday though...good luck resisting cake!!
Look forward to chatting to you some more soon!
Thanks Claire I think if I dont start now I never will. Im out for dinner I think on tuesday but will just be careful! Im aiming for 2lbs a week loss. Anything more than that will be fantastic!
well...... I didnt start today :eek: was just too hard to resist the birthday cake!

I have gone to the supermarket and have a weeks supply ready to go. Im planning on starting on wednesday ....

I have about 5 stone to loose in total. Im getting married in September and just have to get my bum in gear!


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Good luck scary mary! and congrats on getting married!!
starting on ur birthday is just cruel! enjoy ur day and start tomorrow!!


in my dreams!!!!!!
hi scarymary, good thinking not to start on your birthday as having a good clear start should keep you on the straight and narrow for longer. hope you had a good one! x
Day one in the slimfast house!

I had a passionfruit and mango smoothie for brekkie. I was expecting it to be horrible but was quite nice!

I have an apple for a snack if I get hungry mid-morning and a slim fast bar for my 2nd meal.

Im having a chicken and vegetable stir fry later.

Can I combine my kcals for my snacks? If I have 300kcals to use for snacks could I have the 300kcals altogether?

Also....if Im cooking a stir fry or something from scratch how do I work out the calories?


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i'm not too keen on the smoothies, but nice for a change sometimes!
for a stir fry its very good calorie wise, just check the sauce you put in it as that will prob be the most calorific.
i dont usually count calories for a stirfry cos i know its good. so i just use one chicken breast, or quorn chicken, i block of noodles and loads and loads of veg :)
Hi Scary Mary,

I bought some kitchen scales and Ive started to weigh things as Im cooking then work out the calories to see if im under/over 600calories. I use my calorie/fat counter book or I google the calories in each food. Lili is right not many calories in veges so stirfry should def be under.

Also I quite often combine snacks or if my snacks are over the 300 calories I take whatever its over off of my 600 calorie allowance for dinner.

Although Im doing slimfast which should work out around 1300 calories a day I figure as long as Im under 1500 Im doing OK
Morning all!

Yesterday went ok. I only had one slimfast shake but had a salad for lunch and normal dinner.

Today Im having a smoothie for brekkie, a banana, a slimfast bar, a yoghurt and then pasta and chicken for dinner (need to work out the kcals on this though :eek:).

Im finding the smoothies suprisingly easy to drink. I havent tasted the bars yet but Im looking forward to it for my lunch. Im off on holidays on tuesday so Im planning on bringing a coupld of bars with me and Ill have them for my breakfast and then just be really good for lunch and dinner. Will I weigh in before I go? That would be 5 days on slim fast then?
yeah i'd weigh yourself before you go! i'm sure it will spur you on to be good while youre away then. plus on holiday your prob not as likely to loose weight with all the convience foods etc. i'm away this weekend and not looking forward to having so much choice of naughty foods :) you shud be noticed a difference on the scales after 5 days! good luck. let us know how you get on! and enjoy ur holidays!
OMG!! Ive just discovered my fitness pal! Its really cool :D

Ive been able to work out my calories for the day including my slim fast this morning. It calculated what calories I need to have to loose about 2lbs a week!

It worked out I can consume 1211 calories a day to loose 2lbs a week. I can choose myself then whether to have one or two slimfast meals a day!

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