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I haven't really told anyone i've started on exante yet because I don't want to hear any negativity, however I got a text from a friend inviting me to lunch - aargh now I have to reveal my secret or lie and i detest lies so left with no option - help!!
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Well... you have two options: say no or say yes. If you say yes - have mineral water, coffee, coke zero, chicken breast, any fish, green veg salad ( no dressing!) And have very small portions. Remember you don't have to eat everything what's on your plate. Have a nice chat with your friend, (no alcohol!) and enjoy your little lunch together. :) If you say no - well then you still have two options 1. tell the truth 2. make up a good story:eek:
Whatever you decide, good luck and enjoy your day!
Thanks Biggie, don't really want to eat any food as on TS and really want this to work so am going to try and stick to it 100% I will not have such good weight losses as some on here cos of borderline thyroid/slow met so will need to give it 100%, 100% of the time. Guess I will have to come clean and see if we can meet for a coffee instead.



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Yes, sound good to me. Coffee is fine. You still can have some coke zero or dr pepper zero. It will not affect your weight. :)


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Just say you would prefer to have a coffee and catch up instead - then if she notices you have lost weigh you could tell her.

My friend and I both started WW together, she had 2 stone to lose I had 6+. :sigh:

When I decided to stop WW and do CD/Exante she suddenly started going on and on about food and recepies, I am sure she is trying to make me give up and this constant food talk and constant remarks about WW being the best diet ever is annoying.:mad:

To make matters worse work colleagues have noticed she has lost weight but no has noticed I have yet - mainly because I have lots more to lose.:sigh:
Ros you'll get there! One day very soon someone at work will comment and you'll feel wonderful. But even before that, you know you've lost weight and you know you feel better - that's the main thing. Sounds like your friend might have realised that you are really serious about this and might be feeling a bit of the green-eyed monster?


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Thanks Kay - I know it will work out. I am away in a couple of weeks time so I am hoping when I return to work people will notice. We are going to our own place so I am planning on taking my packs.

My friend and I work together so every afternoon I am getting a run down of what she is having for tea and how easy the WW diet is.

I do like WW but for me losing half a pound one week and none the next doesn't work!
lunches/coffee with a friend are good for the soul :)
Ros your friend doesn't sound that good a friend if she keeps going on about food knowing the diet your on....... Your weight loss will start to show soon and you'll get the comments and encouragement you need to continue. Good luck

No food talk?!!
lunches/coffee with a friend are good for the soul :)
Yeah Gina I agree totally and honesty is the best policy so coffee and a catch up it is


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