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share your loss and in how long :)

Hi ya,

I lost 26 lbs in 5 weeks and 3 lbs on my refeed week :) I took a week off and supposed to be starting TFR again on Tuesday but think I will get stuck back into it tomorrow! Can't wait to shift the last of my weight :) Took the week out as had a family wedding to attend!
Welldon everyone on there losses!!! xx
Only been doing it 1 week but so far lost 13lbs!! xx
Thanks avaya.. Yours is pretty awesome too!!
Just hope week two shows me a decent number but heard this is the worst week on a diet so not holding out much hope!! xx
You've done brilliant gemsy!! I've a feeling my weightloss is gonna slow right down though.

Goodluck and take care xx
I haven't done anything other walk 20mins to town 2 maybe 3 times in the week.. I think it's best not to especially on the 1st week xx
I've continued to exercise 2/3 times a week at I have been doing it for the last 6 months it has been a struggle somedays but I enjoy getting out of the house to something other than work
I guess it is so your body can get used to consuming a lot less calories .. Good for you Clair-louise.. I did get into the routine of workingout at home 5-6 times a week and sticking to a healthy diet and lost 30lbs doing it but for some reason I just stopped?! :/ I put on 7lbs and then decided to to LT.. I am planning on going on a low fat, low carb diet after LT and mix in some exercise, I started the C25K (only running in my hallway lol) but I got 4 weeks into it when I gave up.

Goodluck to you all take care x
im gettin weighed on thurs, so will post my loss then. I hope mines as big as some of yours :)
I'm not doing much of exercise. Just 6km walk in 5.4km/h (that's about an hour) 3 times a week. Just want to stick to the healthy way of life, so when I finish LT I will already have good habits.

For me LT is not only about losing weight-it's about changing my life.

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