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Shelbell's SS Start Diary - 24th September


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My new life starts tomorrow with Day 1 of SS. I have a fridge full of water and tetras, a freezer full of ice packs (to keep the tetras cold at work till lunch time), and I've got my hand blender out and ready for the morning.

My son's school is collecting for harvest festival, so all of 'my' foods that hubby and my son won't have are being shipped off there in the morning.

I'm really motivated and raring to go, but I think I need a diary thread as somewhere I can go to remind myself why I'm doing this, especially for the first few days.

So heres hoping tomorrow goes well!
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Well its day one, and I'm really excited. Starting the day with a cappucino, and am suprised how easily it blended. Taking a tetra for lunch, and a couple of bottles of water. This evening I'll try a soup so I can still sit at the table with the family, and then a shake this evening.

I've just weighed myself at home, as I visited my CDC last Friday, and fully clothed with slippers I'm 20stone 2 1/4 . Thats the heaviest I have ever been.
HI Shelbell

Just wanted to wish you luck with the diet, although you sound really focused so Im sure you can do it.

And dont worry about your starting weight. Thats the last time you'll see 20 stone something on the scales.

Fingers crossed for a really good loss for you in the first week. The first couple of days are the hardest so you need to be strong, but once you get through that first week you will be feeling great.
Great start shell, keep at it with the water and youll be in the 19's in no time at all x


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:( got beaten by a packet of onion ring crisps in the cupboard. Ate half the bag and then threw the rest in the bin. Closely followed by all other sweet things or picky things. Hubby will moan at the waste but I don't care! My will power is not strong enough to have chocolate and crisps around.

Right. weak moment forgotten about and over. Back on the water.


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Made brocolli and cheese soup tonight, and had to pour it away as it was yuck! Luckily I'm a 4-a-dayer so having my 4th instead. Made a strawberry shake and loving it.

Managed another 750mls of water, so getting there.


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Cheers Sam.

Just got up and enjoying another cappucino and a bottle of water.

Yesterday I had a headache from 4pm onwards and it feels like its just getting ready to make another appearance, so I'll be popping paracetemol all day.

Todays going to be a bit of a test. I'm booked in for blood tests this morning and I am very needle phobic. Normally I have to eat something before I go otherwise I am sick, so I'm hoping the cappucino does the trick!


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Tested this morning for ketones and had a trace :) so thats good. Have a little niggly headache but not enough to warrant pills.

Managed not to faint in the blood test, came home to a banana tetra. Am not drinking enough water though, so going to sit down with a big glass and glug away!


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Well today is going to be the first day that I don't cheat! I am well and truly in ketosis, and I want to keep it that way. I'm 6lb down now, according to my scales, and that has to be my motivation to keep going.

yesterday was bad, i only had 2 shakes and 1litre of water, due to work. next time I'm training in the evening I will have to be better prepared.

Today I'm 2 shakes down, but only 500ml of water. MUST DRINK MORE.


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I wanted to copy this from another thread in the CD forum, to remind me when things get hard

so my son isn't 'that kid with the fat mum' at school
so when my husband says he wants me I'll believe him :ashamed0005:
to increase my life expectancy
to be able to shop in all shops, not just Evans, Simply Be, MKOne, and Asda
to never be that person on a flight who asks for a seatbelt extension
to increase my fertility levels so we can have another child (losing 10% of your bodyweight doubles your fertility)
to increase my self confidence and self esteem
to stop those pity looks that family give you when you've not seen them for a while, you know, the 'oh, you're still fat' ones
so I can eat in public without feeling like everyone is looking at the fat girl stuffing her face


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I didn't cheat yesterday :D:D:D

I had 3 shakes, some water, and a small glass of zero sugar lemonade :)

I was flapping about the citric acid in the lemonade but yesterday I was on moderate ketosis, today I'm on strong ketosis so it's not done me any harm.

I'm even more determined now to make today just as good. Should be fairly easy as I am busy busy today working right though till about 8pm tonight!

This week I've been weighing myself every day, to keep myself motivated. So far I'm down 8lbs :D but I have an official WI tomorrow (although that will only be day 6).

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