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Slim for Summer Diary??

Hi All,
I'm totally new to this ... joined my local slimming world last Weds so I have my first weigh in tonight at 6. I'm so nervous! :wave_cry:
I've been good for most of the week and found the diet fairly easy to follow.
Good luck to everyone else going to get weighed tonight. I'll update you with how I get one.
Any tips and advise would be lovely :)
Also I see on other people's messages they have goals & weight loss targets ... how do you add mine to my details?
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Good luck with the first weigh in Anna! Mine went well, 3.5lbs :D

To add goals and those little charts into your message write them into the section where you have your "signature", you can do this from your user control panel (first choice at the top of the page) those cool little weight loss charts are available from Graphical Tickers and Trackers: Weight Loss, Trying To Conceive, Pregnancy...

Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress!


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How did you get on? Good luck on your weight loss journey x
Well done on the 3.5lb loss skater boy! ... what's the secret? :)
well, sticking to the plan and a shedload of cardio...let's see what Tuesdays weigh in brings, if it's another good one then I'll be really chuffed.

Friday afternoon, gym or not to gym...gah! ;)
Soooo ... did you gym? lol
I've been ok this week so far ... had some wine last night but only 2 small glasses and still within my syns for the day so shouldn't have too much of an effect.
Just need to get on with the exercise part now ... I find it so boring and can always find something else I'd rather be doing!
After all the worrying I lost 2.5lbs which I am soooo pleased with! I think I've come to realise that I won't have the big losses like some people report but if I have small ones every week then it will hopefully be off by the summer!
I also got in class slimmer of the week so that was a nice extra bonus :)
Thanks Faery, how are you getting on?
I'm not sure if this week is going to be such a success ... been at an exhibition this weekend for work and lived off costa coffee and even had a coupl of cookies which really isn't good!
I'm going to stick to the plan 100% today, tomorrow and weds before WI Weds eve, hopefully this will make good for all the bad things over the weekend. Fingers crossed anyway!
Well I STS at my WI this week, I'm a bit disappointed but know where I went wrong so determined to do better this week.
Ive started from today by planning all of my meals for the next couple of days and will go do a big food shop tonight after work then going to get on the rowing machine and swimming again too.
Hopefully this will do the trick!
Good luck to everyone for a great week :)
I'm struggling this week :( went out last night for a valentines dinner, I've counted 43 syns for yesterday which is awful!!!
So far today only 4 syns so I'm hoping I can do damage control for the rest of the week!!
Has anyone any advice or also struggling after valentine treats?
Thank you
Well I lost 1.5lbs this week which is good considering I had a meal out on Valentines weekend ... I obviously managed to control the rest of my week and tried to keep my syns low and it seemed to do the trick.
I am really hoping for a 2lb loss this week as I'll then get my half stone award (and another shiny sticker of course!) but got another night out this Saturday so trying really hard to be good to try and keep damage to a limit.
I go on holiday for a week next Weds so actually going to a different class to be weighed on Tues instead ... I am really hoping I don't undo all my hard work by having one week away!
Well I've started slow and steady and that is how I mean to go on :)
hi hope its ok for me to join ive been at slimming world since the summer lost just over and stone and a half so far (slowly but surely) would love to have another stone and a half off for the summer, im being bridemaid for my sister in october so really need a good kick up the ass. Had a strange week this week, one of my housemates did lipotrim for two months and had great success on it so i thought i would give it a go just to give my weight loss a boost. I lasted three days, its def not for me-the no eating part just didnt agree with me so im just gonna stick to the tried and tested SW method. any tips or support would be greatly appreciated-uz are all doing really well xx
It's been a while since I have updated my diary, I have just come back from a lovely holiday in Canary Islands so I am determined to do really well this week so I can right any wrongs from my holiday, I've never kept a food diary before but I think I am going to start -

Yesterday -
Breakfast - 1 apple and 1 orange
Lunch - Jacket Potato, baked beans & salad
Dinner - wholemeal pasta bake with turkey, broccoli & passatta

Hexa - cheese on top of bake
I think I'm doing ok this weel, went over on my syns on sat night but will keep on track for rest of week now -

Saturday -
Breakfast - Apple & Orange
Lunch - Jacket Potato, beans and salad
Dinner - SW Chicken chowmein, sweet chilli prawns & broccoli in oyster sauce (trying to recreate a chinese take away lol)

HEXa - milk
HEXb - Alpen light bar

Syns - 4 small glasses of wine - 24 syns (!!)

Sunday -
Breakfast - Cereal & Milk (HEX a & b)
Lunch - handful of olives
Dinner - Wholemeal pasta, passatta, fried onion & bacon, spinach & side salad
Monday -
Breakfast - Apple & Satsuma
Lunch - Scampi (bad I know but tasted so good) & salad - 9 syns
Dinner - Roast chicken breast, new potatoes, salad & peas
Snack - Muller Light Yoghurt, Lemon cheesecake - 1 syn

Hexa - Milk in tea & coffee
Hexb - 2 x alpen light bars
Tuesday -
Breakfast - Muller Light Yoghurt & 2 alpen light bars (Hexb)
Lunch - Jacket Potato, chilli con carne & salad
Dinner - I'm going to have Pasta n Sauce (Hexa with milk) and pre-packed Chicken & Bacon Salad - 5 syns
Dollop of marge for Pasta n sauce - 2 syns

If I stick to plan that should just be 7 syns for me today :)

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