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SS+ meal ideas? (Will contain food.)


Loves being slim!
What can I do to make my little meal interesting tonight?
What do I have to work with you ask....
Ok, I have broccoli, cauliflower, salad or raw cabbage. (Can't have it cooked without sauce.)

Chicken, Cottage cheese, Quorn, or tuna.

Any combinations are fine, but I can't think what to do with them...Help!:cry:
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if you blitz the cottage cheese you can have a "sauce" cook the broccolli and chicken pour over "sauce" and bung in oven, used to do that for SW years ago tasted ok x
if you blitz the cottage cheese you can have a "sauce" cook the broccolli and chicken pour over "sauce" and bung in oven, used to do that for SW years ago tasted ok x
What a brilliant idea!! Will definately remember that one for the week I add food. Don't eat meat so that makes cottage cheese seem more interesting.

Laura x
oooh yeah like a cauliflower and brocolli cottage cheese bake.. yumm

i will be trying this one of my add a meal weeks! great tip :D
I have just come back from holiday and was on an add a meal week. We went out and caught loads of fish so decided to try and make some fish cakes....
Use about 2/3 flowers of cauliflower and steam until soft.
Grill a small piece of white fish and mash with the cauli.
Mix in about 1/3 of a packet of oriental chilli soup powder.
Make patties with hands to size you wish and either bake in oven or dry fry in non stick pan until golden brown and there you have Oriental Chilli Fish Cakes! I loved them!
:eatdrink051:MMMmmmmm so cant wait to start eating. They all sound so goooooood!

Anymore? :)
This is making my tummy rumble.
And to think that tonight I had a boring bit of plain chicken with cauli and broccolli, tommorow I'll be dining a la carte style with these lovely ideas :happy036:
I love sea bass and usually have it in a garlic, lemon and wine sauce. So if anyone has any ideas of how I can jazz it up a little, it would be most appreciated, I don't fancy it plain :)


Loves being slim!
Phew, I'm glad it's not just me missing flavours!

I do love my little meal, so thanks for the ideas so far!
I like having half my allowance of chicken and half of cottage cheese and melting it on top, so putting it onto the veg is almost as good as proper cheese sauce.

I know we can't go nuts on adding bits, but I'm sure everyone must have their own ways of rearranging the ingredients to keep it interesting.
I have never cooked such nice food and am really enjoying experimenting, and OH is loving it too:

So far some of my creations have been:

Stuffed chicken breast with spinach, finely chopped mushrooms and cottage cheese or natural yoghurt, chickmush soup/sauce.

Chicken with cd chickmush soup/sauce, rocket salad with balsamic vinegar.

Stuffed mushrooms (cottage cheese) with cd mush soup/sauce and rocket salad.

Chicken & cottage cheese, courgette and asparagus salad.

Stuffed marrow with quorn mince, mushrooms and courgettes with cd chickmush soup/sauce.

Quorn mince dry fried with cabbage, spinach and courgettes with cd leekpot soup/sauce & black pepper.

Dry fried cabbage, spinach and courgettes add tin of tuna and bit natural yoghurt.

Cod fillet, caulliflower mash (made with leek & pot soup/sauce and black pepper).

Large lettuce leaves wrapped round tuna or cottage cheese with thin shredded cucumber.

If not using soup as sauces or in cooking am having frozen tetra ice cream or choc bar for pud.

Yummy yummy and best healthiest food ever, this coming from a meat, carb takeaway fiend!!!

These are amazing!

My favourites so far (and I'm still experimenting!)

Make some chick/mush crisps, but slightly thicker so they are like crackers.

Great for dunking, or spreading with...

Tsatsiki - cottage cheese half blitzed with cucumber and shredded fresh mint
(also good on grilled chicken)

or Tuna 'mayo' with cucumber

Tuna and blitzed CC with a bit of vinegar tastes probably as close as you get. I squish in some cucumber and it's lovely!

Grilled chicken with EVERYTHING - but I love chicken anyway.

I need to branch out with fish - for varieties sake, so I'm going to start off with fishcakes!

Thank you all for your inspiration!!!

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