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started today

ive desided to give cs a miss and start atkins as im getting no where fast with the shakes, so today my menu is as follows any comments welcome

Breakfast atkins bar,
Lunch tuna in water,
Dinner pork chop brocili,
snack atkins bar,
plus 3 cups of tea and lots of water
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You might want to give the Atkins bars a miss if your on Induction Hun. And, i don't see many veggies in there either. Remember your allowed 3 mugs of green leaf veggies a day love.
im not too keen on veggies to be honest but ill get some in when i can get to the shops are the atkins bars not allowed on induction i thought cos there only 2.5 carb they would be
Some are some not, I can't remember which is which to be honest. I know how you feel about the veggies, I felt the same way when I first started, but I love them now. The other thing with the bars, some people felt they were stalling them love.
thanks jim il leave the bars alone for a while then lol
You might have been one of the OK ones love, maybe an experiment later?
the ones i have are the day break ones i thing they used to be called morning shine or something like that
this one
I never really used them Sharon, Atkins stuff wasn't freely available when I started all those years ago.

So I can't remember them really. You have to find out what work for you love, we are all different.
thanks ill not use them for a couple of wks see how i go, i cant belive how much you have lost you have done fantastic
Hi sharon sounds like you're getting off to a good start. You might like the veggies more now you can fry them and melt butter on them lol. Makes all the difference ;)

You do need fats - hard to get your head round if you're used to low cal low fat - so get some mayo on that tuna :D
Hi sharon, re : the bars, i have eaten them from day one ( im on induction ) and found they havent caused me any problems, the ones you pictured are the ones i have and i believe are the only ones that are permitted during the induction phase, the others are allowed in the later phases, like jim said i think some people found they stalled their weight loss, i guess its just trial and error!!

im a bit adicted to them lol
Me Too!!!!! I dont think i could have managed without them, i am or should i say was, addicted to chocolate, in any shape or form!!!!

im going to try the veg with a bit of butter i think your right it will make them taste better,

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
hi sharon and welcome ,
ive just started atkins after loosing masses on l.l 2 years ago and keeping it all off until recently (another story ) but anyway be good to stay in touch and compare notes as beginers.
wishing all the luck
love sue xx

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
looks like were wanting to loose same amount of weight too , pact pact !!!!!!LOL
hi thanks for the message it would be great to keep in touch and compare nots on what we are eating ect

sukie sue

this is My time to shine!
Me Too!!!!! I dont think i could have managed without them, i am or should i say was, addicted to chocolate, in any shape or form!!!!

xxoooo the odd bit of thorntons diabetic chocolate is an absolute life saver when needed !!! all ready just in case in the fridge :0) (just go easy ,can get windy if abused LOL:eek:)
yer i think we do want to lose about the same and im sure we can do it