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Today i was going to buy a jacket pot and beans from the cafe next door as i do every Tuesday lunchtime...

I've just checked my account online and a bill has been paid leaving me with nothing. (Literally, i'm over my overdraft) and i don't get paid until Friday.
I haven't got any money on me and i'm really bloody hungry.

No one in the office talks to me so i can't ask them either.
Rubbish. I get in such a bad mood when i'm hungry.

I even called up Curves (I'm going for an induction tonight) and said "I'm sorry but i didn't realise i had no money left" and he said "don't worry, come in anyway and we'll sort it out for Friday" so that's ok. But seriously... 5 days with no money. I did a big food shop last week so i should be ok on that front (ish) and lets just hope the electricity meter doesn't run out eh? *sigh* xxxx
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can sympathise. 81p in my account til thurs. went round asda yest with my last £1o and fed us all til then


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Im sharing ya pain on the money front chicken! I have to get petrol shopping and had to buy a cheap kettle this morn as DD bday!

FFS! Tell its xmas as we never this skint!!

Tut! x


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Who do you bank with babe?


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barclays do an emergency overdraft but they charge you 20 pound a week for it the tight gets.

Mrs V

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Try upping your overdraft until Thursday Hun...worth asking. If you explain the situation to them, who knows!
I'm with Lloyds TSB...

I'm at the highest over draft limit and i've gone above that... it's ridiculous :( xx


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It still might be worth a phone call tho!

Mrs V

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Yes, definitely call them...I worked for Lloyds temping and depending on how you call them and tell them that you realise you have gone over your overdraft, but will have some money going in later in the week, they can be helpful and more often than not can come up with some advice for you.
Really is worth a call...what have you got to loose hun?
Call em hon, dont ask for more money but explain that funds will be going in the account on Thursday they may not at least charge you the fee for going over your overdraft if its not a regular occurance, just explain the bill went out earlier than you expected might save you a charge at least


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Hi B that sucks. I know it doesn't help this time but keep stash of mug shots in. Can you get home before you go to Curves so you can grab some food then.


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Bloody xmas!!! I have £40 till next thurs and only just been paid lol. But getting paid an advance next thursday. All bills been paid and stuff and money on the oyster plus H2b's xmas present but still its a pain the big fat sorry rectum!


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Oh sorry hun, i hate when that happens. Will your boyfriend give you some money till your money goes in? I went into the town last week and got a return on the train, i thought i had money in the bank but something had came off and left me with nothing, good thing i had the return.

Incase it happens again keep some emergency packets of pasta in your work or handbag.


I ate my willpower!
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I remember when we used to live hand to mouth when my eldest was little. Here was me worrying that we may not have any money for January, when in reality we will be fine. Just helps to put things into perspective.

Hun, why dont the people at work talk to you? Also, if you are working for an employment agency, they may be able to give you an advance.

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