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Stay off them scales!!


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I agree with you, but its so hard,, could we start a "not using scales" support group. Are there many withdrawel symptons lol
I'm guilty of hopping on the scales regularly - I'm going to go cold turkey and see what happens on my WI on Monday.

It's not going to be easy though!
I'll pledge to stay off the scales all week. I don't hop on and off them all the time but I do have a bad habit of getting on them if I've eaten something I shouldn't to see if it's done any damage.

It's very counter-productive as, if I've gained, I go into 'I've blown it so I might as well pig out' mode and, if I haven't gained, I start thinking I can cheat!

So I'll stay off them till next Wednesday morning...
I started on my weight loss journey 5 weeks ago and only went back to my GP surgery to be weighed after the first 3 weeks were over as I find them the hardest. I am going back again in another 2 weeks just before I go on holidays. I don't know about you guys but I find the 1 lb off /half a pound on thing of weighing too often just about the WORST incentive and prefer the bigger numbers weighing less regularly gives you! Of course I do have over 10 stone to lose so I guess different rules apply!
What does everybody think?
I think you're right Fizzio - seeing a substantial loss is a great boost. Some people I know have scales that can weigh them in tenths of a pound and they hop on and off every day.

Not healthy!

Don't think I'd want to go more than a week myself without a WI but some people on here have them monthly (often at the Doc's) and there's something to be said for reporting an 8lb loss or whatever!
I had a relapse this morning and hopped on the scales - I so wish I hadn't as it wasn't a positive reading on the scales.

On the plus side though it has got me motivated to do much better for the rest of the week.

I will NEVER EVER EVER get on the scales mid-week again!

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