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Stormywave and the road to happiness

So 6lbs lost in my first week... Not too bad especially as I don't feel as though ive gone without since starting the programme. Rest of life

Friends - all good
Work - mega stress, meeting next week could mean I'm out of a job
Family - middle son driving me to distraction and really can't cope with anymore stress right now
Other ... Ex on the scene, keeping my distance right now, no idea what he is up to

Onwards and upwards x

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Well done in the loss Stormy! :)
Thank you x

Today is a day off... Plan as follows

Clean entire house
Washing / ironing
Put out winter plants and remove dead summer ones from pots and tubs
Visit sis
Collect holiday tickets
Buy salad and cat stuff

Breakfast - coffee and pepperami
Lunch - chicken salad
Gonna attempt cheeseburger pie recipe for dinner
Also will try to drink more water, get so dehydrated at work, sure it takes me a day to even things out

Good luck everyone x

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On a mission for boobs!
Oooh, where you going on holiday? And congratulations on the loss!

I'm intrigued to find out what the ex is up to now!
Thank you claire cat x

Off on hol to marmaris in turkey... Me and four teenage boys (brave or crazy - only time will tell)

Ex - yeh is it bit weird, sent me a message on Facebook and said he would text.. Failed to tell him that I changed my number .... Ooops

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Rebel without a calorie
Well done 6lb is a good loss and welcome. Are you going to be able to stick to this whilst on holiday? As long as there's salads and meat to choose from I'd be OK but my OH plies me with vodka on holiday! Oh, no, hang on..... he does that all the time lol!
Why is it we're always suspicious when an ex gets in touch? Probably because they're an ex for good reason eh?!
Dietkitty, thank you... I hope to stick to the diet, we are going all Inc and I've checked reviews online. Appears that the chef will make you on omelette while you wait for brekky, if not I thought either full English bacon/egg or continental boiled eggs ham cheese combo. Rarely eat lunch on hol but travelling with teen boys means we will have to visit the restaurant. So lunch and dinner will be salad and various meats, there's a BBQ daily so that shouldn't be a prob as long as I can avoid sausage and burgers and stick to real meat or chicken.

Sadly I ply myself with vodka on hols, so will try to take things steady - maybe glass of house red ( normally tastes foul so should slow me down a bit !)

Will keep you updated about the ex, latest message was "oi" !! And they say romance is dead !

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This is for life
Hi Stormy, great to see your diary and well done on your loss:)
Sounds like you have done the research - i have managed to stick with atkins on hols although plenty of drinking involved unfortunately:eek: i came back sts which i was absolutley delighted with;). The thing to remember is all the stuff you are not eating - and therefore the pounds you dont gain- but dont be too paranoid about dressings, little shavings of carrot! Relax and enjoy this great way of eating:D
Kat1e, if I sts I will be really happy. I'm thinking with running around with the boys and swimming daily there is a chance. Fingers crossed x

Just gonna go online and look for hairdos, having a restyle in the morning...looking for a cut that will knock a couple of stones off me !! Lol

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Cheeseburger pie = lush and enough for 4 meals.... Fantastic !

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This is for life
Lol - agree cb pie is my fave atkins recipe:D


On a mission for boobs!
Just gonna go online and look for hairdos, having a restyle in the morning...looking for a cut that will knock a couple of stones off me !! Lol

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Can I recommend 6 bleaches with 30vol peroxide, followed by 2 bleaches with 40vol! Worked for me! lol! :p
Morning Stormy... Hope you find the perfect hair do ... It's so important... Just ask Claire! Lol :)
Lol... Thanks

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Ok, scales are not moving and yes I know I'm not supposed to weigh daily... But I like to see them move....have to tell myself not to panic. I haven't cheated so all should he well.. Deep breaths !! But they haven't moved since Sunday so it's not fair !!

Am going to buy some digital ones as mine are only ikea standard ones.... Maybe it's something to do with the floor? Might bring em downstairs .......

Also gonna look for a coffee grinder as my mortar and pestle and I are not in the mood to grind linseeds today

Going to the shops now in a grump !!!!

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Morning Stormy, found you. :)

These teenage boys all yours? you must be mad in either case. We stopped having holidays when ours were teenagers, too much angst and stress.


This is for life
Dont buy digital ones - at least with normal ones your daily fluctuations are within the accuracy of the scales! Strongly suggest you put them somewhere difficult to access or ask someone to hide them:D
Jim - morning, boys are not all mine although I do have three (20,18,16) I'm taking the youngest two and two of their mates. My 18 ( well soon to be as birthday is next week) year old and his mate wanted to go away but his mum won't let him till he's 18 and that's next year so we are all going together..... All I can say is look out turkey !!! Lol

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Katie - really? Ok I just thought I could be more accurate but then again a loss is a loss and I don't suppose it make any difference if I over/under estimate by half a pound or less.... Thank you

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