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  1. Hi my names Sam. This is my second time on Atkins - the 1st time I lost a stone but then let it slip. Now I'm 6 months away from my wedding. When I started back on Atkins on 6th Jan I wanted to lose 3 stone. I'm already a stone lighter 3 weeks in but am already getting bored of eating the same foods and the loss has slowed right down.

    Im in only self taught on the diet so am always unsure I'm doing it right. Am hoping by joining here I'll be inspired by other peoples successes, people will point out if I'm eating the wrong things and most importantly I'll get inspiration for some new and exciting meals!

    All advice ice and feedback will be greatly accepted!!!
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  3. Today's diary

    b hb egg & bacon
    l chicken & salad
    d gammon & tomatoes

    drinks 3 coffees 3 waters
  4. Paulinegin

    Paulinegin Gold Member

    More water Sammy!

    P x
  5. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    3 cups of water probably isn't enough - I drink about 4 litres! not that I know REALLY - like you I'm self taught - but this is what i've heard because the more you drink the more ketones (calories from fat) you wee out.
    Anyway if you get really bored there are some protein noodles called 'barenaked' noodles: pretty expensive but i found a moderate carb alternative (they have pretty much no grams of carb or sugar or anything) Also the actual atkins bars are really sugary and sweet which i think helps make you think you're treating yourself even though they're very much allowed. Congrats on the wedding and the stone already lost!
  6. Thank you Pauline and Amanda!

    I knew i had been bad with my water drinking yesterday - in the early days i was drinking far more than that! But your messages have given me the kick i needed i'm half way through my 3rd pint! Thank you ladies!!!
  7. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Silver Member

    Welcome and good luck!
  8. Thank you :)

    Today's diary

    B = bacon
    L = ham salad
    D = roast chicken

    S = sliced ham

    6 pints of water 2 coffees

    Also just back from an exercise class - I'm feeling in the zone today. Reading everyone's posts on here and getting encouragement really helps!!!
  9. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    Hello and congrats on your up coming wedding. Keep up with the exercise. What have you done ?
    I lost lots in the 3 months up to my wedding with stress !!!
  10. Thanks Vicky!!! The weight loss will have slowed down by 3 months so the stress boost might be welcome ha ha!!

    I did strictly fitness tonight I really love it cos I just love dancing!!!
  11. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    Ooh is that like fitsteps? When is your final fitting?
  12. Not sure what fitsteps but sounds like it cud b similar. This is exercise routines using dance moves like quick step, charleston, mambo, salsa etc! It's great! Not sure on final fitting yet my dress should arrive in the next month or so but I want to leave last fitting as late as poss so I can loose as much as poss :) x
  13. Struggling today I got on the scales and I haven't lost anything since Saturday. Feeling really disheartened!

    It has made me re look at my menu though and the 2 coffees I was having had milk in which I know is bad so I've been and bought soya milk today! Other than that I just don't know what to do :(
  14. Sam_Dodd

    Sam_Dodd Silver Member

    Isn't it disheartening! I did it yesterday and wished I'd never! So I'm only doing it once a week from now on. Have you been measuring yourself? you might have lost inches? Soya milk is lovely, do you use cream for coffees? I'm a bugger for it, trying to only have 1 a day.
    I'm no expert but bacon and ham and gammon are all salty so maybe you're holding on to water? Try having just one of those a day maybe? I don't know, if you figure it out let me know please!! haha!
  15. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    Dont give up. I've not really lost much at all but I'm persevering :)
  16. i'm not a fan of cream in coffee. i was having ordinary milk which i know is a big no no! so i had 1 with soya this morning - wasn't a huge fan but i'm hoping i get used to it!!! drinking loads of water as well so hopefully by Monday (official weigh in day) i will have lost a bit (everything crossed). I did measure myself at the beginning and i haven't again so i think ill do that tonight and hopefully that result will inspire me a bit more!!!

    Thank you both for your messages and well done for both hanging in there! Nice to see i'm not on my own!!!
  17. Today's diary

    B = bacon
    L = chicken salad
    D = chicken stir fry

    1 coffee 5 pints of water 1 Pepsi max.
  18. amanda j94

    amanda j94 Member

    well done for sticking to it! I am having the miserable week 2 of losing almost nothing...half an lb in 4 days and I'm trying so hard! We'll get there xxx
  19. Well done to you too for sticking with it!!! Its horrible when it slows down isn't it but we will get there!!!

    I'm trying new recipes this weekend to keep me interested and determined so i don't get bored and falter! I'm going to make the Atkins friendly lasagne and attempt some oopsie rolls and i also saw a thread on here about using eggs for wraps so i think tomorrow morning i'm going to have a go at a breakfast wrap!!!
  20. ladyfelsham

    ladyfelsham Clean green leafy machine

    Hi Sammy - how's it going?

    And I'd be interested to hear how you make your lasagne :)
  21. LVLLM

    LVLLM Gold Member

    Good luck with the wrap mine was a disaster!!!

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