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STS Support Group

Thought I'd start a thread for all those who are suffering from STS Syndrome. A ghastly condition characterised by a lack of movement on the scales.

DANGER: May lead to compulsive weighing (as well as attempts to weigh oneself whilst balancing on one foot - which sadly makes no difference ;) )

I'm on my 7th day of staying the same - annoyingly at 0.4 lbs over 12 stone :( Every time I get on the scales it lingers for a moment at 11st 8 and then just as I think I'm home dry....it leaps back up to the same weight. I know this too shall pass - I just wish it would hurry up! Meanwhile I'll just drink water compulsively I suppose. On the plus side my clothes are fitting looser, so I'll have to measure and see if I'm losing inches.
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if your scales are flickering between 11st 8 and 12st I would say get new scales , are you sure

Anyway please can i join your club , despite being 100% i have sts for days now , ive only lost 1lb in the last 6 days most days being sts

very annoying maybe i should be drinking more water

what week are you on becasue im only on week 2 , but having lost 8lb last week i suppose im now being punished lol
Unfortunately once they flicker up to the higher weight they stay there :sigh: I'm pretty sure it's not a scale error. I did try for the last 3 days weighing myself on the other household scales (which always show me at a lower weight - I keep them as my sad day scales ;) ) but there's been no movement there either - so unfortunately I think it's me!

STS is definately a curse, but maybe we'll have a big loss once we start losing again? Gosh, I can't actually recall how long I've been on this diet now...quite some time - I think I started about the 5th of September? I guess lulls are inevitable. I lost a lot the previous week after gaining 1.6 lbs on a week in Norway - so maybe things are just evening out.


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Phoenix, firstly yes you are being punished as you were too greedy in week 1 :D

Lucy, secondly surely if you bought a 3rd set of scales you could just take the median weight from all 3? :).

And thirdly I'm not joining your group as I'm currently enjoying a downward trend and don't want to jinx it ;)
ha youll be back bordersgirl !!

ok but im saying lucysera , thats a 6lb difference in weight from 11.8 to 12 so doesnt your scale go up in lbs

mine flickers between a half lb loss and a 1 lb loss sometimes , very annoying I want them to be even more accurate so that they show every ounce
Im joining lol, its partly my own fault but even then my weight loss on the last 2 weeks have been 5.5lbs and i know thats ok but we r basically giving up food n not sure its worth it, n im only on wk3.
suze dont give up it is worth it
how are you doing it , shakes , bars , meals ???

maybe you can make some changes and make it more satisfying ?

I dont really feel like ive given up food at all
Hey Suze, are you having the spag bol with vegetables? With that on my menu I still feel like I'm having food! Alternatively, you could try adding a high protein meal? I was thinking today that a S+S shake/porridge in the morning, chicken salad for lunch and S+S spag bol for dinner would be a very hearty option and you would likely still get similar losses since the calories and protein-carb profile would be much the same.

Phoenix - I think I see what you mean. My scales are digital and tend to jump from number to number on their way up before freezing when they reach my current weight, rather than ticking up pound by pound.


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I'm lucky with my scales (although sometimes it doesn't feel it ;)) as they don't record anything until you've been on them for like 5 seconds and then they give a single reading, so you don't have the agony of it seeming like you've had a good loss only to have your hopes dashed in the last second when it suddenly moves up and stays at a higher weight.
my scales are pretty good they measure water and body fat levels too and bmi

they do sometimes show a slightly different reading before showing the actual reading but it will be like 0.8lb either way , which does annoy me sometimes especially if i think ive lost half a lb but ive sts

I have the spag bol for dinner too with my veg allowance , its loads isnt it lucysera, i have 2 cottage pies mid morning and mid after noon , dinner about 8pm then porridge for supper , hate goingto bed on an empty tum


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my scales are pretty good they measure water and body fat levels too and bmi
I think I'd have a heart attack if mine did that! Coping with the trauma of the weight is bad enough :D
I have a shake for lunch/ brekkie, meal n occasionally a bit of veg not the full allowance tho. I dont like all the veggies on the list! Then a bar a night. I do feel that not being able to meet friends for lunch as only can have a water when everyone is having lunch n ive not told my friends as anyone ive told think its really drastic n seem to think im mad for doing it, as in why dont u just stick to ww . Even on weight watchers i could pick something light like a sandwich, with this i cant. Drinking this much water too i feel like im at the loo every 10mins n have to plan my walks with my baby around loo stops. N when ur out n about with a baby its hard just nipping to the loo. So i stop drinking 2hrs before it then have to play catch up after. Dont get me wrong im still doing it, just fed up of changes in normal things and i feel its a big sacrifice and i certainly wont b on it a long time, so heres hoping i lose more to motivate me :). Well that was a moan eh!


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Well you could always have a salad for lunch and dispense with the dressing. It surely wouldn't be too much different to having the S&S salad, and if you have a bit of protein with it just dispense with one of the packs. That's what I do if I have lunch out. I assume you don't meet up in MacDonalds? ;). You can have a normal life on this diet as long as you don't stray off plan too often. If I want to have a lunch out then I have one, but I don't make it too often.
STS again this morning , Ive been 11.8 for 6 days now and im doing this damn thing 100% too , I really dont know what is going on

either my body is adjusting to the 8lb loss last week or its because im constipated , sorry , but ive been once in 11 days , am taking senna but not much happening

really want the scales to move now


Feeling great in 2012!
Yeah, stick with it Phoenix, all will come good. xx
Just a little tip for when the scales sts

Ive heard that even if your weight doesnt seem to be moving then you still could be shrinking so its a good idea to track your measurements, so to give myself a boost I decided to do just that a couple of days ago ....big mistake !!!!

nothing had changed apart from my waist which was 2 inches bigger :cry:

Today , feeling myself becoming quite demorilised I thought i would take a deep breath and venture into my wardrobe , Ive tried a couple of pairs of jeans that I couldnt even get done up before and they slipped on fairly easily , now lets be honest I was flowing over the top a little and Im not sure they would be comfortable enough to wear all day but they definitely went on easier

I then moved onto some tops that I couldnt get past my 40DDs before and to my surprise they not only went straight on but actually looked good :D

So , even though the scales are telling me to give up and the mirror tells me there is no change in the stomach department I must be getting smaller for my clothes to fit better , maybe Im losing back, bum and boob fat ...ie the bits i dont really look at because im so obsesses with my tum

I hope someone remembers this when they feel like giving up and discovers the same :)

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