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Consolidation Sue's on conso til April

Well after 14 or 15 short weeks i lost 17kg :D woohoo, but dont finish conso til mid march and after last weeks shocking first week of consolidation I best be keeping a diary where i can be accountable for my food or im going to be back where i started very soon :eek: My sister in law was over for a visit and we drank and ate out (including takeaway) for most of the week. But the good news is that i only put on a kilo and its my TOTM so i will wait and see what friday brings.

Todays menu
b-boiled egg and half piece of toast and half glass of orange juice (i know i shouldnt have juice as my fruit but i still have a cold and i like juice for breakfast :) )
l-piece of bread and cheese
d-chicken stirfry
s-skinny cow choc mint sundae
before bed i will make myself eat my oatbran
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Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Sue and welcome to the club. If you're quite strict with Conso you should lose that extra kilo no problem, even with eating your daily ration of bread, cheese and fruit.

From your list up there you are not eating enough though - I could not survive on a lunch of 60gr bread with 40gr cheese??? And then you're having extra toast at breakfast?

You're still on Dukan and really ought to think of yourself as being on PV+little extras.

Good luck, if I can, then I'm sure you can do it too!
Ooh good luck for conso, I will be on a zimmer frame by the time I get there lol.
Best of luck with conso, I'll be joining you this weekend:).
Thanks guys and Anja the bread i use is 59g for two slices (small but at least i can have toast with my boiled egg again!!!) And the reason i didnt eat much is because i have been sick and i was so busy yesterday cleaning the house while the kids were at daycare i didnt have time.

Still sick today (is it possible to catch a cold of yourself i have had this one for three weeks) and my persistant cough is really getting on my nerves. I bought an orange juice at the shops today because i thought i was going to throw up in the post office i was coughing so hard :(

Todays menu
b-dukan porridge (yay finally ate my oatbran in a tasty form)
l-bacon, lettuce, cheese and tomato sandwich with a touch of 97% fat free mayo (hope no one on attack is reading this :D)
d-chicken and veges i think if i get home from the vets early enough to be bothered cooking, otherwise hubby can take me out for dinner lol
s-orange juice and im sure there will be a honey and lemon drink or two before bed tonight ( i know not dukan but im sick)

weight still high, not going to weigh myself tomorrow and its a PP day so heres to hoping its bloating


** Chief WITCH **
Hang in there - it's tough sticking to plan when you're feeling unwell, I'm sure... but if the scales are up, I wish you a good PP tomorrow...


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Sue,

hope you feel better soon - today's food looks yummy :)

Sorry for being picky, I'm sure you know what you're doing it just looked odd written down...

Have a good day!
Finally i went to the doctors again today and she gave me some antibiotics this time so i might actually be well enough to eat properly and excercise soon. PP day yesterday but weight still at 69.5kg (should be 68) but right now im not concerned about that. I will try and get it off next week as im going to the races on the 2nd nov and need to buy a new dress. Still not overly happy with my body shape even at 68kg, i guess i need to join a gym or something to tone up properly but i dont know when that is going to happen as the kids are hating daycare even once a week, so yeah. Anyway last two days menus

b-2 boiled eggs
l- omlette with ham and chicken (had lunch at my sis in laws who is also doing dukan so not much choice in over doing the eggs today)
d-teryaki chicken breast
s-honey and lemon drink before bed
was so sick and coughing last night i forgot to eat my oatbran, oops

b-protien shake (couldnt be bothered making myself breakfast and wanted to at least have something)
l-about 3/4 piece of cheese on toast cos i burnt it lol (im having a good day i tell ya)
d-dont really know yet, im thinking hubby can get takeaway for him and the kids and i will have some thai green chicken curry i have in the freezer
s-probably another honey and lemon drink tonight

will get cooking next week when im better and try and get this last pesky kilo and a half off


** Chief WITCH **
Take care of yourself ... soonest cured, soonest back on Conso...
pleased to report that today i dont feel like im going to die :D and my weight is back down to 68.2kg :D :D and to those wanting to get to conso and see what you can get away with eating here is my weekend food :p

b-2 scrambled eggs
l-warm spicy chicken salad (with a creamy coconut and cashew sauce) and a pint of beer at the pub
d-chicken kebab (the kind you get at a kebab shop with pita bread)
2 tbs oatbran

b-a pancake of the real variety with maple syrup
l-piece of cheese on toast
d-piece of pizza and a piece of garlic bread
2 tbs oatbran
ahem and about 6 coronas ;)

b-2 fried eggs, piece of toast and some ham
l-taco mince with tomato, lettuce and some light sour cream
d-chicken patties and salad
2 tbs oatbran
hehe its awesome jet :)

Feeling even better today and no kids !!!! So catching up on housework and have some shopping to do. Finally got around to doing some excercise on my wii fit yesterday and finally i am IDEAL WEIGHT :D and no obese like it first told me. My BMI is 23.95 and my weight on the WII was 67.6kg :D so according to that i am now under my goal weight. YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

last night instead of salad i made a caeser salad so i had my cheese, well some of it with the parmasan and i had a few croutons.

b-protien shake as no time for anything else and needed to take my antibiotics
l-bacon, lettuce, cheese and tomato sandwich
d-i think i will make satay chicken and rice for my carb allowance intake this week
s-half glass pineapple juice 2 tbs oatbran and might have a couple of strawberries

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