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Susie and Orbit's daily dribble


Clean green leafy machine
Hi all

Thought I'd start my own thread, as some of you have done, to stop all those personal things sneaking in to other threads LOL (as if we care! :D).

But many of you have been kind enough to put up with all my job and life grumbles, so will update you here.

Not sure when I get the kitties - prob in next few weeks. I will certainly take pics. Ideas for boy and girl names very welcome.

Job update - was called this morning to say I didn't get it, they picked someone with NHS experience, and I wasn't surprised. BUT it turns out it was good news anyway, because a friend who knows them says they are awful to work with, huge turnover of staff, so perhaps a lucky escape - and avoid an hour's commute.

In the meantime I have been contacted about four other roles. So, I'm absolutely fine with it. More time to spend here yaye!:D

Lovely crisp blue day here - I might even get out for a walk to Greenwich :eek:

Hope everyone's well and happy!

Susie xx
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Hello and welcome to your Diary. Sorry about the job my love - but it obviosuly wasnt meant to be. and what with 4 others on the go - you will deffo be getting something! Just keep nagging those agencies!!!

Its lovely here too cold - no snow as yet!

love ya Susie xx glad you got a diary - can Hijack this myself now ;)


Clean green leafy machine
Thx and love and hugs back xx
Hi Susie,

I used to love walking around Greenwich, some lovely pubs there, I particularly like the Admiral Hardy and the Cutty Sark myself. Greenwich Market was fun as well back then.


Clean green leafy machine
It's lovely, isn't it? Only a mile from home (maybe I'll say I live in Lower Greenwich lol) and it's always lovely to be by the Thames on a day like today :)
I was stationed in Woolwich, which isn't that nice, the good news was I was accommodated in the Nurse's Mess at the QE Military Hospital. That was fun. ;)


Clean green leafy machine
LOL, I bet!

Woolwich has had lots of regeneration, has it been a while since you visited, Jimbo? It won't change all the really grotty bits - but it has a fab shopping area, I go there a lot, and the entire waterfront area has been turned into "luxury" flats, with the rivercat ferry going there too.
No I have never been back Susie, I was there in the late '80's. I do know the QE Hospital is gone, can't think why, it would have made a perfectly good civvie hospital. Royal Herbert Barracks across from the RA Academy I'm told has been converted into luxury apartments. That's about all I know.

Sounds good about the changes though, you wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere near the river then. LOl.
No me, not since I was posted there, just passed through Heathrow a lot.
Oh ill deffo be coming down sometime - got lots going on next year already can wait to meet you all :D


Clean green leafy machine
No spare room :( but there's always the couch, which is actually very comfy, as long and as wide as a single bed. You're all welcome any time :)


Clean green leafy machine
LOL I know what you mean Flutter, there's a hospital and a police station just down the road, so there are always sirens going off - and the helicopters were out again late last night chasing some naughty person :eek:


Clean green leafy machine
You West, Alpa?
Flutter - us country bumpkins will have to hold hands in that big Birmingham place - I will probably get lost or run over otherwise!

Susie - helloooooo in your spanking new thread - I used to have 2 cats called John and Harry, the names really suited them :D

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