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Taffy's Gonna Get to Target!

Been here a week - and am already 6.5lbs lighter :D - so thought Id better start a diary!

My mini-targets:-
Get under 12 stone for mini-break 30/8/11
Get under 11 stone 11 for holiday
Get to 11 stone for hubby's 40th - 27/11/11
Get to target of 10 stone 7lb for my 40th in January

4 day Attack phase - 6.5lb lost
Day 1 -1.1kg
Day 2 -400g
Day 3 -400g
Day 4 -700g

Now on Cruise - day 1 has gone well - really enjoyed my veggies and did a bit of exercise.

Looking forward to losing lots more weight with Dukan!
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1st PP day on cruise - managed to resist going out for a meal at lunchtime.

B - galette
L - ham, 2 chicken thighs, chicken pieces
D - fish pie mix, prawns, 2 egg omelette
S - s/f jelly and vanilla yoghurt, pickled onions

black coffee and 2 x teas
Not enough water - 3 pints?
1 hr walking

Tomorrow is my first challenge - eating out on Dukan. I have a plan but can I stick to it?


I can if I think I can.
Hey there and welcome Taffy Girl. You are off to a great start - nearly half a stone lost already. :happy096:

You probably do need to up the water. I find I'm easily drinking 3L a day but there again I don't drink tea. My skin has inproved considerably in the last week or so - a nice side effect!

How did you get on today with your meal out? Sending positive vibes your way for you to stick to your plan. :) Xx
Hi - my meal out was better than planned, thanks! Had chicken skewers with sweet chilli sauce and salad, washed down with a couple of diet cokes. Will be drinking more water today - Have had a litre already and have filled a 1.5l bottle to drink this afternoon.

Dinner last night was chicken breast and roasted veggies with some vanilla flavoured yoghurt for afters.

Had gallette and yoghurt for breakfast, boiled egg, tuna 4 crabsticks and cottage cheese for lunch and something fishy for tea.

Red Heart

Back on the Dukan wagon!
Well done on making the right choices when eating out! I'm sure you will reach your first mini target soon. :)
600g down this morning, 77.3kg/12st 1.75lb, which I am very pleased about. Very close to that elusive 12 stone mark now. This time next week maybe.

PP day today - turkey bacon, scrambled eggs, chicken, ham crabsticks, tuna and prawns.

Crunchy chocolate orange yoghurt was invented today - ff natural yoghurt, orange flavouring, sprinkle of lf cocoa, and 1 dsp oatbran

2litres of water drunk - more to go
Need to get on the wii fit tonight as its been a lazy day so far - blinking rain!

Looking forward to my roasted veggies tomorrow.
Another 200g off this morning - so 3.1kgs off altogether in 8 days - WOW!

PV today
B - chicken, mushrooms, tomato and onion
L - chicken and salad
D - roasted veg and fish
S - galette and quark mousse


** Chief WITCH **
Well done Taffy. You're doing brilliantly (even if I did cringe a couple of times fearing your next weigh in, you were fine!!).

I must say that I don't envy you your breakfast today. I could not eat that for breakfast!
Have stuck again today at 77.1kg - but thats ok.... its staying off and I think to be expected after such a good week last week.

So - more water, less crabsticks and smoked salmon - and time to experiment with some cooking this weekend, I think .... Need to try and make some muffins and a few sauces.

We were planning a picnic today - but rain has stopped play. I made my chicken, ham and boiled egg salad and put it in a tupperware in the fridge and the tomatoes had made it lovely and moist - so may try that again on a PV day.

Think I might toddle off to the supermarket and get some steak for tea. I am not a great steak lover - but I do quite fancy it today and it will be a nice treat for hubby. Should go lovely with some dry-fried onions, mushrooms, and grilled tomato.
Maintainer - can I just ask what is was that made you cringe?
Am I doing something wrong? - Any tips/shoves in the right direction are most welcome!

I am hoping for a little loss tomorrow as my "transit issues" have resolved themselves with a bit of veg today!


** Chief WITCH **
Hey, while you can get away with it, hang in there. Crabsticks, while ok at 8 a day, are full of sugar (and I see you've already identified them as something to keep for an emergency snack). Ham is a litigious one (over here, only "fat free" - aka nasty synthetic see through stuff, is ok). I know in UK he's allowed it, but careful with salt and additives. It was also the sweet chilli sauce which made me tremble for you ;) but you were fine! Little things... but some of us are sensitive, particularly as we near our goal!

Keep it up!
Thank you Maintainer! All my crabsticks are gone and I wont be buying any more for a while. I dont really like sweet chilli sauce so thats not a problem but I didnt realise that ham was contentious, so thanks for pointing that one out.

I am very pleased with my 200g loss this morning..... in spite of my lack of water yesterday (1litre plus 2 coffees) If I dont fill my 1.5l bottle in the morning I usually don't drink enough so I have done it this morning and will try and make this a habit!

I really enjoyed my steak yesterday - not so keen on the dukan bread (but that may be because I mis-read the recipe and used fromage frais instead of quark -oops). Today I have prawns, turkey, steak, chicken breast and rhoooooobarb (which I'm going to have with 0%greek yoghurt and mixed spice).

Cant believe that I have been on dukan for 2 weeks and only had one BBQ.... so lets hope for some nice weather this weekend.
Well, I survived a night at the pub.... I drove and drank diet coke and water. I even managed to resist the numerous packets of crisps that the girls were sharing on the table.... (oh boy, did they smell good!).

Had another lovely compliment from a friend about how I had lost so much weight. (Yep, that'll be the 7lbs that Ive shifted in the 12 days since I saw you last!)

Bought some new size 14 clothes in the M&S sale today and raided my mums wardrobe for a few bits of size 12/14 stuff for my holidays, as lots of my clothes are a little on the loose side.
Another 100g off today - slow but steady is good!

I carried my 18 month son in his car seat for the first time in ages this week and I really struggled even though it was only a short distance. So we weighed him in it and it was 29lbs - just a little bit less than I have lost already this year. I am 2/3 of the way to my target so have about half that weight to go still. That really puts in perspective for me.
Thanks! It is very encouraging!

B - rhubarb, quark, mixed spices
L - turkey, steamed cauli, brocoli and carrot batons, cottage cheese, tomato
D - prawns, mussels, squid, cod, salmon stir-fried with mushrooms, garlic
S - galette with yoghurt

2 x coffees, 1 x tea, 1l water
2 weeks in and I am weighing in at 76.5kgs or 12 stone 1/2lb today.
So a loss of 8lbs or 3.7kg.... Very, very happy! Here's hoping that this time next week I will be 11 stone something!

Well, its 3 weeks and 6 days until we go on holiday to Majorca - and I really want to lose another 4.5lbs, which I think is entirely possible.

Theres not much that can get in the way - apart from a week off work and maybe a few days away camping - but even that is manageable, with a lot of planning and some advice and support from my fellow minimins Dukaneers. 11 stone something here I come!!!

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