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Taking children out of school?!


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Here's the thing!

We normally go on our summer holiday at the end of august beg of september but this year due to oh work comitments we cant go in those two. The only weeks we would be able to go is from the 17th of july or the 24th of july. If we were to go on the 17th it would mean that my little one would miss the last week of term.

The holiday we are looking at is £1400 for 2 weeks from the 17th or £2200 from the 24th as it is the first day of summer holidays!

We have just taken my little one who is in year 2 at primary school out for a holiday last month and she missed 4 days. So do you think im pushing it taking her out at the end of term for another holiday? I know we are very lucky being able to go again the last holiday i paid for from my redundancy money and we dont normally go away twice but we do love going on holiday!

Me and the OH have very diffrent views on it! We cant really decide! Help!! What should we do!!
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Re: getting permission from the school, I would think you may well be fine.

On a personal level, I wouldn't be comfortable taking a child out of school at the end of a term - and especially the end of the summer term/school year (same as the first week of the autumn term/beginning of the school year).

As I say though, that's just a personal sentiment and I do appreciate other people think differently.


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I would just like to comment
as a teacher we have our turnaround day in the last week of term where we meet our new class as she is in year two she will be going into ks2 if the school is small chances are she will be moving with the same children she is with now
if the school is larger she could well be in with children she has not shared a class with yet
its also the fun week at the end of term with any year parties they have earnt for good behaviour etc

I can understand parents wanting to go early but she will miss out on many of the good things she has earnt but are left to the last week of term
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Fortunately we don't have this problem now.

But we always took our two children out of school for holidays, but never more than 1 week. We always went either 1 wk before half term or 1 wk after.

If I was in your position I would take my children out of school, at the end of the school year they don't do much work & it's often fun week were they bring in games.

The only time I wouldn't take my children out of school is when they are studying for exams.

Enjoy the benefit of another holiday:D:D


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it is a tricky one! She would be going into the juniors with all the same children as it is a fairly small school. OH says we should go once she has finished but the prices just rocket up to silly prices. Whilst i do understand she will miss all the parties and games she would be in a diffrent country learning about a new country and making new friends at the pool!! LOL! I think i will have to keep searching!


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I don't think she will miss anything educationally in the last week of term (speaking as an ex- primary teacher), but she would miss out on the social/fun things, but as you say, she'll be having a fun social time on holiday.
We take our son out of school for holidays because he's special needs and we have to go at quieter times.

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