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team fairy - July/August thread :)

Hey all!! Welcome to the new guys and welcome back to everyone else.

I have to admit to not knowing who's on my team right now - it's not been a great couple of days and I forgot to check! I will update my sig with the correct detail straight away though!!

Lets go for two wins in a row team!! :)
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Hello refreshed and ready to rock winning team!

I am all systems go for the new month ahead, still got more than a handful of the old lard to shift, and hoping to get a good chunk of it gone this month. Good luck to all!


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st3lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 5st9lb(31.6%)
Hello, hello. Happy to be a fairy. Starting weight of 184lbs. Apologizing now for the gain I'm gonna be registering come saturday. Not been a good week for me foodwise, but promise to bring it back with some uber losses after that. Not letting my team down is gonna motivate me to turn July into a sucess!!

Ooh and can someone tell me howto get the fairy pic. Tried copy and pasting the image location into my sig but tells me the file is too big??


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
im proud to be a fairy!
but i also tried the above, (and also tried coping the link and adding the img thingy..) and its not worked....
hmm, let me see if a different one works, bear with...


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
it works!!!


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st3lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 5st9lb(31.6%)
Well that aint right. Is it just me being dumb?,I aint particularly technical minded like.
lol, Madame, mine was SUPPOSED to be pink when I made it, but I figured it just didn't work... And wheres the fairy gone?? :O Thats just odd...


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st3lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 25.7 Loss: 5st9lb(31.6%)
Well I'm confused, I've eaten like a pig this last week, including takeaways, fish and chips, cake, kitkat chunkies, oodles of crisps etc and done a measly ten lengths worth of swimming as excercise, and I've lost 1lb. Not that I'm complaining, or questioning the scales - that way madness lies. But I dont get it.
Anyway that's 1lb to kickstart us (only a little kick mind). I'm looking forwars to a good week this week so hopefully more to report next sat!!
Good luck to everyone for their wi's this week!!
Im doing a SW fish week this week, so my first weighin will reflect the first four days of that, starting weight 209lb. Which is actually 4lb less than my ending weight last month but we didnt restart on time to allow that to be counted.

Anyhoo, I am looking pretty good for this week, will reveal all monday night but as things currently stand possibly a 3 or 4lb loss overall. Good luck for this weeks weighins!
Hey, Dextermummy, It sounds like you've given your metabolism a bit of a shake up, Sometimes a few days of eating LOADS after a period of being strict freaks your body out and kablamo! Weight loss! Well done, you must have been pleased :)

A fish week, Madame? That sounds interesting, do you think it will help you lose more weight, or do you just fancy a change? I don't much like fish myself - unless its battered or in "finger" form lol. I quite like tuna though, it's good on the BBQ :)

LOL, just remembered, I went downstairs late one night for some water, the kitchen light was off but the moon was bright, so I could see. I SCREAMED because on the draining board, looking right at me was an entire MASSIVE sea bass. lol, in my half a sleep head and semi darkness I thought it was alive or something. Not the brightest lol :D

Well, I STS last week, but I had my period, so HOPEFULLY I can lose a bit extra this week for my PARTY!!

I hope you all have an awesome week! :)
Well, quite a few of us in the SW section have gone a bit fish crazy this week after Snuggles69 did a fish week and documented it, and posted a whopping 8.5lb loss, and she was nearly at her interim target anyway!! So quite a few of us are having a go at it to see what difference it might make to us. I have never been particularly interested in fish, only really eating tuna, occasional prawns, or cod, but that huge loss just tempted me into being a bit experimental about it, and I am really enjoying it so far.

Basically you have fish at lunch and dinner for a week, with whatever else you like, within the Slimming World guidelines of course.

Under normal circumstances, I wouldnt really see much change in my weight on a day to day basis, and had given up checking more than once or twice a week, but because I have been upping my water and have started this fish thing I have been checking daily again, and the results have been quite startling. I am only 3 days in, and the scales have dropped every day so far. I have WW scales so they show 1/2 and 1/4 lb losses. Last Tuesday, I weighed myself (had a big weekend with family and went back on plan Monday) and had STS. By this morning, I was 4lbs down. I WI tomorrow, and if things stay as they are today, then I will be MORE than happy!!

I have to be honest, if I came down in the middle of the night to find a massive seabass sitting on my draining board, I would lose half a stone just from the reaction I would experience!
Hi Lovelies, how are you all? Hows the dieting going? I cant wait to get back into the swing of things and join you all for next months challenge (although it will be Ramadan and i have no idea how to get through the month, lol).

I'm loving the new Team Fairy pic :)

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend and good luck with the week ahead :) xx


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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
Life is good this week. My scales have shown a 2lb loss for me.... but I take what the sw scales say, so looking forward to seeing those... but I weighed my self and got my start weight on a Wednesday, so I'm gonna be weighing on Wednesday for this challenge... any excuse to scale hop!!! do I pm my losses to the captain or do we just post on here and then go from there, or do we wait till the end and give a final weight?

I think that fish diet sounds interesting... would love to know more... is there a link to the lady who documented it?
Hey Kes, you can PM me your weight if your feeling shy about sharing, but all that really matters is your starting and finishing weight! Most of us post our weights up on here.

BTW, are we going for Wednesday weigh ins this month? Let me know your preferences if they're different!!

I never said, my SW is 13st exactly, hoping to lose a good amount this week and then I warn you - It'll probably all go a bit downhill as I'm having pick n mix and a BBQ at my party lol

Oh, HI MAYBE!! Glad to see your sticking around- our official Fairy mascot lol :) I have a couple of friends who do Ramadan, I always thought "Wahaay! A legitimate reason to fast" Until They pointed out HOW MUCH FOOD YOU EAT after sunset. Typical of me and my disordered head though lol

Madame, please keep us updated on the fish thing - and any yummy recipes you find. I'm always happy to experiment, I just don't fish that tastes "fishy" Good grief, I sound like a proper weirdo
"Does that fish taste like fish?"
"Er... Its FISH, no it tastes like Chicken!"
Yeah, I'm losing it. I need some sleep, and possibly a stiff drink.



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S: 232lb C: 179.8lb G: 140lb BMI: 30.9 Loss: 52.2lb(22.5%)
I'm not one for fishy fish, so I know what you mean.
I figured that we started on a Wednesday, that our weigh ins will be on that day. I'll stick to that..

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