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Thank God for Chocolate Tetra's

Mrs Roch

Silver Member
I'd struggle without these little god sends...

Just dived into my second one of the day - only thing is I can't help but drink it down in one go, I can't seem to sip it so it's gone in seconds....

:sigh: :sigh: :sigh:

I've put it down to type so this is the longest one has lasted... :D
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Gold Member
I haven't tried Tetra's yet, but every post I read about them seems to be good. I'm going to have to try one, they sound delicious. Are the banana ones nice too?

Mrs Roch

Silver Member
I much prefer the Chocolate over the Banana - I think the Banana shake is much nicer than the Banana tetra...

Give them a go...


I can do this.
The Tetras are great...handy for when ur out & about, chocolate velvet mmmmm.

I had my first ever tetra today and it was frozen it was the banana flavour but i prefare the shakes, i'm a plain type and just prefer the shakes but i will taste the choc 2morrow.


Fed up of being fat
I love the choc tetras, these are all I buy ...lol .... I use half of one and then add hot water to make hot choc drinks ... I get 6 drinks altogether. Idont mind it cold but much prefer it warm.

Mrs Roch

Silver Member
Just sat drinking a hot tetra...

I really fancied soup but only have Broc and Cheese left and having tried it last night, I couldn't stomach one again... will have to see if CDC will change them for Chick and Mush.

Hot Choc going down well...


Fed up of being fat
Oh and Im going to try make a mouse out of a tetra too ... I made one out of the shakes but made a bit of a pigs ear out of it to be honest? So Im going to have another go with a tetra.

I feel the need for some chocolate indulgence seeing as I did well to resist the urge to eat chocolate birthday cake tonight at my nieces birthday tea!! Argh! If it wasnt for my other half bless him I would have had some but he kept me strong ... lol .... by standing between me and the cake ... I was ready to cause him injury but came to my senses and walked away pouting. The cake was over on teh side and a table was between me and the cake .... each time I went to walk around the table to reach the cake he would block me ....lol ... was very stressed at the time but p'ing myself laughing now thinking about it!! Bless him! So pleased he encouraged me to my senses. Just wish I had got to read Karions post on the other thread before I went to the party.

Mrs Roch

Silver Member
Well done Missymoo - you did fantastic to not indulge in Choc Birthday Cake - you def deserve a Choc Tetra

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