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The 20-30 minutes Exercise per day challenge!


Plodding on til its gone
Hi everyone,

I`m aiming to do a minimum of 20 - 30 minutes constructive exercise a day.

Either walking, gym, wii fit, exercise dvd, class etc.

If I miss a day Im planning on doing more the next day or two to make up for it totalling;
from between 2hrs 20 mins per week to
3 hrs 30 mins per week

Im starting low to motivate me but hopefully I can do more plus by only setting 20-30 mins a day its a smaller chunk to achieve therefore easier to make up for if cant manage it one day for whatever reason. Meaning if I miss a day I`ll aim to do double the next day.

Anyone fancy joining me? :D

I was thinking we could add what exercise we did each day and for how long. And hopefully motivate eachother a bit and get some new exercise ideas too!

Ill start...

Im planning going on the Wii for 20-30 mins today and will add here once Ive done it :)

I find baby steps are better than no steps atall and think 20-30 minutes is doable for me most days.
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Reaching the goal
Hi! 30 minute walk a day is really doable! I have a colleague who, after lunch, roams around our entire office floor. I have noticed him doing that for almost two weeks before I bothered to ask. And he said, he has to take 300 steps a day for his health! So if I'm not able to walk to the office (because I'm late) then I do that.


Plodding on til its gone
Anything over the 2o minutes a day Im adding as bonus at the end of the week ;)

Hopefully the bonus will increase each week as I get fitter.

Feel free to join in be good to have lots of us on board especially those like myself who lack motivation to exercise due to depression ect.


Plodding on til its gone
Walking- 25 mins
swiss ball and weights - 10 mins

Total 35 mins
im up for this :D


Plodding on til its gone
Thats good :)

Ill be adding my 20-30 mins (hopefully more) again tomorrow as planning some more walking :D


Silver Member
I'm in! :)
Today I'm trying W1D1 of Couch25k again, so that's 20 minutes of brisk walking/jogging, assuming I get all the way through it!

Trying-again, I went through a terrible period the last couple of years with depression, and ate my way through it, so I know how you feel! I'm off the anti-depressants now and, though I hate to admit it (I'm a reluctant exerciser!) do feel better when I get up off my backside and move. It's silly, isn't it- we feel bad, so we don't want to do the one thing that would make us feel better! Stupid depression.


Plodding on til its gone
Hi Boggins really good to have you on board our 20 min a day challenge.

Yes depression is so debilitating, I too have eaten my way through it and hate myself for doing it as Im the one who`s got to look in the mirror and be constantly reminded of how I deal with it (eat as makes feel better for a while) but long term makes us feel so much worse about ourselves.

The last thing we want to do is exercise when havnt even got the energy or motivation to do the normal every day things let alone constructive exercise.

Im hoping it will help, I used to go to the gym before and the exercise seemed to help somehow and I came off the medication but found myself in a bad place with it all again so decided to take small steps which is why I decided 20 minutes minimum was doable and anything on top of that a bonus to make me feel good instead of feeling a failure for not achieving any exercise.

Depression is awful and people dont understand unless they have suffered with it.

Really pleased your off the medication. Im hoping to avoid it alltogether and try and increase exercise first as that releases chemicals in the brain. I feel I cant risk the side effects making me worse and have had that before with them. Although these are a different one I still dont trust them as last time they really affected me badly.

If I find in a month or two that Im not feeling any better then Ill think about starting to take them.

Ill add my exercise for the day later. Already done 15 mins pillates and weights. Not much I know but off shopping with my daughter soon so will get some serious walking in :)

Have a good day :)


Silver Member
Thank you for the welcome! I think it's a good idea to avoid medication if at all possible, although if someone needs it then sure, go for it. Personally I didn't like the side-effects and coming off the stuff was awful for about two weeks.

Anyway, I just completed the first day of Couch25k for the first time! So that's 20 minutes, plus I did a bit of yoga and some crunches. Feel like I ought to do more, but stopping myself going overboard!

Looking forward to seeing what others have achieved today!
wow great thread, count me in if thats ok?

today i've done my normal 40 minute walk with the dogs and the wii fit jogging bit twice (i know not much but im too heavy for the balance board) so a total of about 45 minutes


Plodding on til its gone
Welcome Begghead :)

Sounds like we did well today with the exercise.

I did 15 mins pillates first thing this morning before I could talk myself out of it and about a 2 hour walk round the shops which I think counts?


Plodding on til its gone
wow great thread, count me in if thats ok?

today i've done my normal 40 minute walk with the dogs and the wii fit jogging bit twice (i know not much but im too heavy for the balance board) so a total of about 45 minutes
A 40 minute walk is good going plus you did a bit of Wii fit so thats a lot :)


Plodding on til its gone
Just 15 mins pillates today plus 2 hrs housework but Im not counting it. It wore me out meaning I couldnt do any walking or anything afterwards. Stupid housework. It wasnt even for me it was for someone else which just makes it worse.
i need to do this....and more importantly stick to it! :p


Silver Member
If housework wears you out you should definitely count it! I hate housework. I did the living room today, we've this coffee table that collects dust under it and I have to drag it out- does that count as weight training?! ;)

I did Couch25k this morning, so that's 20 minutes, plus a little tiny bit of yoga stretching. Tomorrow I walk to work and back, that's about 50 minutes total.


Plodding on til its gone
Your right, I should count it, if its puffed me out and stolen my energy then it should get counted :)

Today I did a 30 min walk plus been looking into kettle bells. Tried it out today but with my 2 dumbells joined together lol. No point buying a kettle bell if dont like it but copied some exercises off the health channel on sky and it was really good as works more areas all at once than some other exercises. Only did 6 mins as its quite hard going but not a bad start.

36 mins today


Plodding on til its gone
Here`s mine for today

3 hrs cleaning

5 mins kettle bell exercises (really improvising with 2 dumbells at the moment) til I can get a real one. Puffed even after 5 mins of doing it as really gets the heart pumping.

In the next couple of days we will add what we did for the week and see what bonus we achieved on anything over 20 mins a day. I started my 20 mins a day last wed but happy to wait a couple of days so we can all add ours on around the same day.
Ive been to the gym twice this week, 45 minutes both days,

today i went for my normal walk with my dogs, but at a faster pace than normal so around 30 minutes today.

my feet are really hurting though have 3 angry looking blisters think some new trainers are needed.
This is a great thread. I'm going to be joining in. I've just bought a treadmill to motivate me. My fitness level has taken a nose dive. I have fibromyalgia and have pain problems and I burn out quick so I'm afraid to walk outdoors. At least with the treadmill if I feel I'm burning out I'm already at home.
my feet are really hurting though have 3 angry looking blisters think some new trainers are needed.
Hi Begghead.... I used to have lots of problems with my feet like that until last Christmas when I bought some Karrimor Orkney walking boots. I put my own insoles in for extra comfort and once the leather (especially around the ankle) softened up, I've never looked back! I keep them highly polished and they are literally never off my feet! They were about fifty pounds but well worth it for me.

Just a thought for you xxx

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