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The preparation was soooo worth it!!!!!


Had my 1st meeting with my CDC tonight, I start tomorrow and guess what.......

I've lost 10lbs!!!!
I stopped eating carbs last Monday and upped my water to 4(ish) litres a day...so its paid off!!!!

Just got to figure out how to update my ticker!

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I start mine tomorrow but am going cold turkey! Picked up my stuff today, and am really looking forward to it! Its going to be a bit of a rollercoaster, but i know people who have done similar (LL) and are just amazing now - which is obvious from these boards - so many amzing folk in one wee place!!!

L x
Well done PFB - that's amazing! I've never heard of anyone losing huge amount BEFORE starting the diet before!! :D
That's brilliant news!!!


Thanks all...i'm really pleased :eek:)

BigL, we both start tomorrow..... we can ride the rollercoaster together :eek:)


Thanks Russiandoll.....I knew I'd lost a bit but not such a big bit!
I was more concerned with getting rid of the carbs that some pounds so it's a bonus.
You've done very well yourself!!!
PFB - yep sounds like a plan! Buckle up and strap yersel in and all that jazz! Altho i warn you....I will probably scream in yer ear and upchuck in yer lap! No good at rollercoasters! :D

But yeah, we can go thru this together! :D

L x
That is amazing - WELL DONE!!!

Good luck for your first week of SS.



Plus, I hope so!
I'm actually looking forward to the shakes and soups....prep week involved meat, eggs, cheese, broccoli....well no carbs. It was an eye opener trying to shop, looking at lables and realising the level of carbs in everything!


Gone fishing
Glad to hear you had such an excellent loss :clap: I think the prep week is really worth it, though I found I only needed to do about 3 days.

Also glad you weighed yourself before you low carbed as so much weight comes off in those first few days. You may find your first week ssing gives a result like a 2nd week (if you know what I mean). You might not get that fantastic loss next weigh in, but it's certainly a painless way to get into ketosis.

Well done :clap:


Thanks KD,
That did cross my mind about having a lower weight loss in WK1 on SS but my main focus was getting any carb withdrawal out of the way before I went back to work.
Onwards and downwards.....I'll be happy with any loss (remind me I said this next week when the weigh-in happens !!)


Gone fishing
Thanks KD,
That did cross my mind about having a lower weight loss in WK1 on SS but my main focus was getting any carb withdrawal out of the way before I went back to work.
And going into ketosis yet still being able to eat :clap: Great bonus :)

As for whether you have a big week '1' ss loss, well we'll have to wait and see. Just think of it as being a week ahead of the game :)
Hiya PFB, that's great news to hear how you got into Ketosis, you have made me feel so much better about getting back into SS. I'm going to cut down on my carbs now instead of going straight to ss as originally planned. I had a terrible time getting into ketosis first time round and I think that that's been putting me off doing it again.

Anyway, well done you on the huge weight loss!!

Keep up the good work, can't wait to see how you get on in your next weigh in.

good luck

xx sj xx
Really well done, saved yourself a lot pf headaches and paracetamol there ;)
Dont forget to write it in your signature so that you dont get disheartened xxxxx

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